Rod Woodson Will Help Usher In The New Era of Oakland Raider Dominance



True Raider fans will find it difficult to imagine another former Raider that would bring the level of excitement for the future of this franchise more than this man. These words--if you have been watching and know it is exactly what we can expect from the young, hungry, and very talented secondary who need exactly this--show that we can expect big things from our staff this year. Our players will no longer be stifled by poor play calls, and coaches that do not recognize the talents we possess. Rather, we can expect to build upon the very solid foundation we have, and put these guys in position to make big plays. Without further ado, from the horse's mouth, {from NFL network interview}:


"Hopefully Nnamdi will come back... I think, we're going to do some different things this year on the defensive side: some more looks, some more things for the corners to make plays... get them to face the football a little bit  more, so they can get interceptions... so they can be playmakers for this defense. If we can do that... if we can get a Nnamdi Asomugha back in Oakland, one of the best corners in the National Football League; it makes my job a lot easier."

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We have all voiced opinions of how we're aware that having our guys play in the antiquated man up system all the time makes it extremely difficult to make plays on the ball, and in run support, and that we'd like to see some different looks, formations, and just plain putting our guys in better position to make those plays. I believe this move shows we can expect to see that right away. Who better to deliver that to this Raider team, than a man who excelled in putting himself in the area of the ball, well into the twilight of his career, and the man who carries the record for taking balls to the house in this league? Tyvon Branch, Mike Mitchell, Nnamdi Asomugha, Stevie Brown, Jeremy Ware, Walter McFadden, and Jerome Boyd will all blossom under the tutelage of this rare talent. Though coming on as "cornerbacks coach," Rod will make the entire squad better by osmosis, but more importantly, he'll get the secondary and the pass rush playing in unison, and that, will therein make the run defense become a better unit when they learn to read and react more efficiently from cues the lineman will give. I believe we can expect more zone coverage with Rod's voicing he'll get more plays with corners facing the ball, and think Moss or Perry are even greater possibilities now for assuming defensive play calling duties. Get ready for a new era of Raider football, Nation.

On visiting the facility: "Already here, since 8 o' clock this morning... I'ma be here until nightfall, so, yeah... I'm ready for it... I know it's a lot of long hours... I'm just asking my wife, is she ready for it."

How often have we watched in horror, as our corners and safeties run stride for stride for what seems an eternity with opposing wideouts, TEs, and RBs out of the backfield, screaming random demands at our screens, "go nickel;, go dime; blitz the d back; slot blitz; how about fire zone???? Rod, you are very welcome here, indeed... Very, very welcome.

In all his years at NFL network, he has always spoken highly of the Raiders and of his time with us, and you could always see a glint in his eye when speaking of the franchise. This, Nation, is a match made in heaven, and we will be the benefactors for years to come. I expect Rod to be the next great head coach in the league, and hope it is with us in Oakland. While I really had Moss pegged over all other potential candidates, I'm finding the marriage with Perry to be very intriguing now with Woodson on staff.

Whatever the outcome, it feels as though this Autumn Wind will bring with it a little of what has been missing from the Raiders in years past: the exercising of our will on the rest of the league, and it will be long overdue.

Though we cannot be sure who among our current roster will be a part of this dominance, we can be sure that the best of the best in the league will no longer look at Oakland as a destination to avoid. This train is headed for Indianapolis, and is picking up passengers who have one destination in mind as well.

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