Free Agent Priorities: Cornerback

with the free agency going on im looking at all the names we got and ranked them to what i think we need to work on getting, though knowing al davis, he might just shoot us in the foot again, today im starting with the Cornerbacks
this is what possibilities i can see us going with even though its just a possibility i hope it can happen

No.1 Raider Free Agent possibly the biggest free agent at the moment: Nnamdi Asomugha

Definately a no brainer, we need Asomugha back, or else we will be picked apart in the secondary, and looking at this past year, the other half of our secondary let alot of big passing plays go through. C.J. had constant P.I calls which most of it looked like mularkey but it seems like the ref's dont like the way we play close man to man coverage sometimes. We need to resign him fast and probably pick up another CB if needed.
Our current list of CB's are the following and my ratings 10 being the best 1 the worst:

LCB Nnamdi 10/10: what else is there to say 

LCB Walter McFadden 3/10: walter let alot of big plays get past him and alot of really bad calls, hes a rookie still i know but if he keeps improving he might just might have potential.

RCB Stanford Routt 7/10: Routt is decent but not good im pretty sure he can be replaced for someone else

RCB Chris Johnson 6/10: just bout the same as Routt, he also got alot of bad calls on him

RCB Jermey Ware 4.5/10: he has alot of potential he did get a key interception against KC so give him time, i think he can be dangerous


Possible Free Agent Pickups: Antonio Cromartie NYJ: IF and IF we can get cromartie for a good deal, i think we should put him at RCB with nnadmi at LCB and we will be definately feared, it would be nice if Revis was available but Revis wants monaaaay we can probably get Cromartie at a decent price. Bailey is good but how many years does he have left.

Possible Draft Pickups: Bradon Harris CB Miami(FL), Jimmy Smith CB Colorado, Curtis Brown CB Texas: now for sure we know Patrick Peterson and Prince Amukurama will be taken within the top 10 picks in the draft, we wont get a pick until the 2nd round, if the raiders decide to go CB this round most likely it will be Jimmy Smith due to his speed, Harris seems to be a overall kind of player but know al davis speed is his philosophy, i have Curtis Brown available for us because he is a hard hitter, if we can pick him up too, he would be a excellent player if we do mutliple corner blitz's


Final overlook for the 2011-2012 Season: LCB Nnamdi Asomugha RCB Antonio Cromartie* Backups: LCB Jimmy Smith(R) RCB Stanford Routt

* denotes possible free agent (R) denotes possible draft choice

And one more quick thing, i read Saints post about Donald Rumsfield calling the raiders evil, let him call us evil, everyone knows that the dark side flows through us, hes just jelous that we have the raider vader on our side :D

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