Loving this offseason! Coaching and player moves! 2011 mock draft version 3!

I love how this offseason is shaping up, with the hiring of hue, wiz, saunders, and rod, and then today I hear about this Seymour signing. Whether its 2 years or 4 years IDC! THIS IS A GREAT DEAL! you can see by the progress Kelly, Houston, and Shaughnessy made under Seymours teaching. And then I hear about the Wimbley buy back clause and Zach Miller being franchised! LIFE IS GOOD!

But what got me the most hyped, was listening to sports radio about 6:30 this morning and heard we are in talks with New England about sending Chaz Schilens, a 3rd this year and a 3rd next year for the 28th pick in the draft as well the 124th pick. Now I have been researching all day and cant find the links but im sure as april comes around we will hear the rumors. However this got me thinking, what would we do with that pick so I figured I'd make yet again another mock draft based on the recent signings and news and what we might do now that DT is off of our immediate need list. And I am not going to ramble on with scouting reports since you know these players but I will provide links and videos.

1st round pick 28th Overall

The Oakland Raiders select: Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin 6'7 325

-We need a new RT, some young talent on the O-Line considering Gaither may return to Baltimore, how about a kid who has no huge question marks or flaws.

2nd round pick 48th Overall

The Oakland Raiders select: Stefan Wisniewski C/G Penn State 6'3 305

-We all love young Wiz, great talent at the center and guard position, smart, hard working, and his uncle is our assist. O-line coach. We will carry on the Raider tradition with another great Raiders center to anchor this young O-line. Right now ranked the 53rd overall player.

4th round pick 112th Overall

The Oakland Raiders select Jaiquawn Jarrett S Temple 6'2 200

-A young super athletic hard hitting, sure tackling, ball hawk safety that can play FS, SS, and has the speed to play corner as well. Could be the steal of this NFL draft. I would love to land Robert Sands from WVU, but he will be long gone by this pick which makes Jarrett a great choice. The lack of competition at Temple will however make his stock fall.

4th round pick 124th Overall

The Oakland Raiders select Colin Kaepernick QB Nevada 6'6 220

-Tall, athletic, strong armed, potential filled QB but has to be molded into an NFL QB and will benefit from sitting 2 years and learning from JC, Saunders, and Hue. Has amazing potential that Al wont pass up, I would love this pick.

5th round pick 145th Overall

The Oakland Raiders select DeAndre Brown WR Southern Miss 6'6 230

-If there was ever a kid who could redeem Al passing up Calvin Johnson, it's this kid, amazing size! good speed and hands. Injured late in his junior year so had an off 2010 but has the skills to be Calvin Johnsons clone. A pick I really want the Raiders to make. He doesnt have the injury past that Schilens has so not worried and could be Schilens replacement and MUCH MUCH more. Also plays with a meanstreak which we want our Raiders to get back to, he's Hues newest bully!

6th round pick 176th Overall

The Oakland Raiders select Justin Rogers CB Richmond 5'10 182

-Man to Man speedy shutdown corner. Has a lot of cover skills, also returns punts and can play offense. Also has lightning speed, reportedly clocks 4.2's easy but here's the thing unlike fabian washingtons of the past...HE CAN COVER MAN TO MAN WITH THE BEST OF THEM. But he's from DII.

Couldnt find any single highlights so at 1:06 in this video you see his INT and crazy speed.

7th round pick 208th Overall

The Oakland Raiders select Mike Mohamed LB Cal 6'3 235

-Fundamentally sound, sure tackler, best fit is a 4-3 which fits us. Will instantly contribute on ST and may challenge Goethel at OLB if we dont sign an FA.

Depending on the NE trade which I know many will be skeptical of its validity, this is how the draft would benefit us most in my opinion. Also, depending on our FA signings and losses this draft could change a little bit, but you know Al's checkbook seems to never reach empty when it comes to signing players that he wants so I dont see a problem.

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