NFL players and owners agree to meditate

In reading a web site covering the NFL, a headline grabbed my attention. At first I thought it read: League Owners & Union Agree to Meditation.

That's pretty funny I thought.

Imagine, a collection of millionaires putting aside their differences, concluding that there really is enough money to go around for all of them to satisfy their egos; to satisfy their need for material objects to validate their status in life. Imagine people with no interest at all in meditation to agree to do it because they all thought it would solve the problems at the root of their disagreements.

I thought it was funny because actually, meditation may actually help to solve the problems at hand. If they did it correctly, who's to say cooler heads wouldn't prevail. A clear head might even spark reason to all parties concerned. Everyone would discover that they don't have to be a bunch of corrupt, money grubbing, insincere assholes. They would realize the reason they are doing what they do for a living is because people that buy their product are in many cases suffering financially so that the collection of assholes can live financially carefree.

It's a trade off. As fans we get the fleeting fun of winning sometimes in exchange for large men being able to compete over a ball moving from one point to another as a profession.

The reality is, the two sides don't like each other and it's all about money. To decide their financial worth they have agreed for mediation to figure out the particulars, none of which any of us really care about. None of us see a dime of the vast wealth stuffed in the pockets of league owners, the NFL, the players. I doubt any of us even participate in any of the charities they sponsor. We just help fill the coffers.

The NFL is a billionaire machine that can compete with an Arab oil sheik in opulence should they choose to do so.

Have we seen any reasonable reduction in ticket prices? Have we seen any reasonable reduction in cable or satellite service to see the games? Have we seen anything that would help out the fans in tough economic times?

Of course not. Instead we have seen escalations to the FBI to bring down internet web sites carrying NFL games. We have seen nothing but arrogance in negotiating million dollar level deals. We have seen the doling out of excessively large contracts for men to chase a ball.

There's more of course but point is, why do we really care? For me it is a hobby. I don't have an emotional investment in anything but many fans do. It's time to reconsider that if you are one of those emotionally invested in supporting the lifestyles of corrupt athletes, team owners and a league that laughs at you with their hand out for more of your cash.

Maybe it is not a coincidence the first day or mediated meetings ended in silence.

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