Al Continues His Pattern of Overpaying Unworthy Players

I have to wonder if handing Stanford Routt a new contract worth 31 million over 3 years means Al genuinely believes Routt can replace Nnamdi. If true, what a leap of faith in the wrong man. It's almost like - no, it is like, Al just wants to make mediocre football players rich for some delusional reason only Al can explain but never will. I mean really, you can sign a turd like Routt for veteran's minumum. That's what other teams would do.

The more time that passes, the more proof we have that Lane Kiffin was correct in his critical assessments of the organization.

It's hard not to realize Al Davis is a bad "GM" but we don't often hear criticism towards him because he is so quick on the trigger with lawsuits. That's the only retaliation Al has in his arsenal is an active legal department.

Kiffin showed no fear and spoke out against the policies of the "personnel department" and scoffed at Al's "scholarship" players.

Now that dead weight Stanford Routt has been handed a nice new contract by Al, it is impossible to not miss the proof. What does 31 million over 3 years average out to per penalty and number of times Routt's been burned? The man is being rewarded for bad play so that amounts to bad judgment by Al.

Al has doled out many bad judgment deals the last several seasons so this is just the latest reason why the team is not playoff worthy. Sorry to say. In keeping Routt he is also saying he does not care about locker room chemistry since Routt is notoriously a pouty guy who keeps to himself. He has butted heads with position coaches every training camp and has even refused to take the field when asked to play special teams.

So where does this deal make any sense?

Routt is the biggest liability in the secondary and he has always been the biggest liability since donning a Raiders uniform. If you disagree what are you seeing on the field, stellar play from Routt? Almost good? Hard luck player? The guy sucks. He just looks good in the uniform and by that I mean he is a tremendous athlete with gifted speed. But that's all he is.

I'm sure all of the zipperheads who want to lick Al's balls and give him a lap dance will say "Yea but now Routt has Rod Woodson coaching him"

That's true but no coaching can overcome lack of talent. Would anyone like to wager Rod Woodson cannot transform a bad player who has mostly given up penalties and points for the last several years? Routt has made a handful of nice plays in that time but there is no balance. One step forward, three (no wait, five) steps back. Routt is the most obvious running joke associated with the franchise other than Al's undead appearance. Every time the Raiders secondary is burned who's the first name you think of to blame?

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