Oakland Raider Draft Board


Making a draft board before free agecy and before the combine is over is close to impossible.

Before we decide what our needs are let's talk about who we could be losing.

Gallery. Not sure how he would do in the power blocking system but I'm pretty sick of him being injured. He will be playing for us or Seattle next year.

Miller. Plain and simple he deserves the raise more then anyone on this team.(besides Branch) He doesn't complain, he wants the ball, he's our best and to me looks like our only sure handed reciever. Biggest tender for this man.

Huff. We need him. Give him a good tender. Last year we found out he can pass rush, his ballhawking skills got better, and he can play corner too. He is a must keep.

Aso. God he is a must keep that I don't think we're keeping. He's gonna go to philly, GB, or washington. Then he's gonna come play FS in 3 years so he can retire a Raider. Of course will get no Hall of Fame reconition because he's a Raider and QBs avoid him like  a drunk chick at a party.(Of course there's a certain QB in PA who doesn't avoid drunk chicks)

Bush. I say Give him a 2nd round tender and if anybody wants him take him but if not we'll be glad to take him back.

Walker/Satele. Both are keeps for depth and will probably start for awhile. Hopefully Walker at RG.

Bruce Gradkowki. Keep. Please.

Coop. Cut. No power so i can he be in a power blocking scheme.

So the way I see it McFadden, Veldheer, Reece, and Miller are the only for sure starters next year on offense.

1st. is RT or C.

We don't have a 1st so we need to make a list of Tackles and Centers that will be around between 2nd and 5th round.

Other then Wiseniewski and Pouncy I don't see any center that is better then Satele. Satele can't handle the big NTs but i'm not sure if any of these rookies can either. Maybe if Satele had a better RG?  A big boy like Walker or Campbell?

Now for the OTs. The BC and USC kids are going in the first. Solder could drop but not to us. If he's stll there when the Steelers are picking they will surely pick him. Carimi and Sherrod could come into the 2nd round. Trading with NE to get their 1st pick in the 2nd round to get Sherrod would be great.

2nd. OLB. Kirk Morrison and Manny Lawson are on free agency. If we have the money I say pick up both of them. Plus we got Goethel that I read somewhere that he beat Groves for the OLB spot at camp last year.

3rd. CB becomes our next need. Aso leaving. Routt and CJ become are starters. I check every morning to see if there's any news about Aso but there never is. Johnathan Joseph, Josh Wilson, Richard Marshall, and Chris Houston could all be on free agency. I don't see any corners who can come in and start other then the 3 that will be taken in the 1st round.

Doing this is really hard. Davis could decide to trade Bush for a 2nd and Huff for a 2nd and use all 3 2nds on Corners or WRs.

Here's my Board; 2nd round(In order 1st one available pick)

1.Derek Sherrod 6-6 312lbs. Mississippi State RT

2.Akeem Ayers 6-4 255lbs. UCLA OLB

3.Jimmy Smith 6-2  205lbs. Colorado CB

4.Brandon Harris 5-11 195lbs. Miami CB

5.Ryan Mallett 6-6 235lbs. Arkansas QB

6.Greg Jones 6-1 250lbs. Michigian ST. OLB

7.Marcus Cannon 6-5 350lbs. TCU RT


1.Bruce Carter 6-3 235lbs. NC OLB

2.Orlando Franklin 6-7 315lbs. Miami RT

3.Demarcus Love 6-5 318lbs. Arkansas LG

4.john Moffitt 6-4 314lbs. Wisconsin LG

5.Quan Sturdivant 6-2 230lbs. NC OLB


1.Marcus Gilbert  6-6 329lbs. Florida RT/RG

2.Pat Devlin 6-4 227 lbs. Delaware QB

3.Jalil Brown 6-0 202 lbs. Colorado CB

4.Ian Williams 6-1 311lbs. ND DT

5.Derrick Locke 5-8 186lbs. HB Kentucky


1.Jake Kirkpatrick 6-2 301lbs. TCU C

2.Henry Hymoski 6-2 260lbs. ND FB

3.Brandon Fusco 6-4 302lbs Slippery Rock C


1.Justin Boren 6-3 320lbs. Ohio State OG

2.Courtney Smith 6-4 220lbs. South Alabama WR


Dom DeCicco 6-3 232lbs Pittsburgh SS

Loyce Means 5-10 177lbs Houston CB

So that's my board. If you think i should add/delete something let me know.


Mock 0.0

2nd. If Derek Sherrod or Ryan Mallett falls we have to take one. I know i'll get heat for Mallett but the guy is a future franchise QB and here we are franchise QBless. He's got a gun that Al loves. Yes the Raiders haven't been great with drafting QBs but Hue has. Look what he did with Flacco. Gotta get Hue something to work with before helosses his job before. Campbell will still start this year with no competition.

If none fall then...

2nd.Brandon Harris CB

3rd. Orlando Franklin RT If we get Sherrod then this is Sturdivant OLB/MLB

4th. Pat Devlin QB If we take Mallett then Gilbert.

5th. Jake Kirkpatrick C

6th.Justin Boren G

7th. Loyce Means CB

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