Top 50 2011 NFL Free Agents List:

Here is the list of the 50 top potential free agents according to and how they might impact the Oakland Raiders roster heading into the upcoming season.  I am making this post with the greatest sense of optimism that we will not have a lockout on March 4.  Otherwise I will at least have done something to keep me entertained while we await whenever the next NFL season begins since we have no control over what happens.  Again I am making this post just to play devil’s advocate since its more fun than waiting for collective bargaining agreement news flashes.



50. Paul Posluszny – LB Bills

I would like to see him at OLB in our 3-4 alignment since he is undersized but has experience playing the middle.  I can see the Bills letting him go since I think they are building around NT phenom Kyle Williams, cover corner Terrence McGee and whatever great prospect they will be paying top 3 pick money to on defense.

49. Marcedes Lewis – TE Jaguars

As solid a receiving option as he is I don’t see Jacksonville letting him walk and also I don’t see the Raiders letting Zach walk either as he will either be franchised or approach a contract making him the highest paid tight end in league history.  Moving on…

48. Shaun Ellis – DE NY Jets

I like him as he fits the mold of the bigger DE’s the Raiders are trying to put together to improve their run defense however I don’t like the fact he has been injury prone and will be 34 by the time 2011 begins.  We can find better depth in the draft late and much cheaper.

47. Dashon Goldson – FS $4.99ers

With 80 tackles, 1 interception, 0 forced fumbles, and 1 sack in 16 games I don’t see him as much of an upgrade over Michael Huff especially as a play-maker.  Next please.

46. Ronnie Brown - HB Dolphins

He’s been hurt a lot over his career and will want money.  I can see us resigning the better option in Michael Bush for a lot cheaper if you can believe that.

45. BenJarvus Green-Ellis – HB Patriots

Again not a huge area of need even though New England rarely shows loyalty to players not named Tom Brady.

44. Brent Grimes – CB Falcons

He had 11 interceptions over the last two seasons and got recognition with a Pro Bowl invite.  He looks like a good pickup but not sure if the Falcons defense places huge dependence on cover corners like ours.  I can see him being another Deangelo Hall as a player that can excel but may be a bad fit playing on an island.  We must continue searching for a better cover corner.

43. Zach Miller – TE Raiders

See # 49.

42. Bernard Pollard – SS Texans

He’s a good hitter but then again I feel better with Tyvon and Mike Huff starting over him with Stevie coming off the bench to be honest.

41. Quintin Mikell – S Eagles

Here’s a player that was a solid option on a very aggressive blitzing defense last year.  I like him as a player but the fact he’s on the negative side of 30 makes me believe we’re better off with the options we have.

40. Doug Free – OT Cowboys

He was buried for the Cowboys’ lack of physicality in the run game this year as well as one of the key contributors to Tony Romo’s season ending shoulder injury.  However he is only 27, has good feet and is a need position for the Raiders.  I would like to see us make a play for him which would allow us to move Jared Veldheer to the much more capable role on the right side.

39. Ronde Barber – CB Buccaneers

He is not a man to man corner and is 35 years old.  We don’t need to continue with this one.

38. Matt Light – OT Patsies

He like Richard Seymour is a great veteran presence who may have seen his last days as a Pat at 32 years old.  He can contribute for a good 3 more years and really improve this team.  I want to see Al show him the money.

37. Joseph Addai – HB Colts

Eh, not really digging a guy who’s missed 13 games over the last three years and averaged a paltry 4.1 yards per carry over the course of his career on an offense catered around the offensive expertise of Peyton Manning.  Also not a big area of concern either.

36. Barrett Ruud – LB Buccaneers

He’s been disgruntled with Tampa Bay choosing not to give him a long-term deal but in the end I don’t see them letting such a key component of their defense walk.  I would like to see us go after him if he walks though.  At 27 years old with 120 total tackles and 4 passes defended in 2010, I’m surprised he’s not higher on this list.

35. Terrell Owens – WR Bengals

Oakland has made quite a leap in such a short period of time by ridding itself of poor character guys like Jamarcus for example and adding high character ones like Richard Seymour.  Even thinking about this guy on the Raiders in 2011 makes me want to heave plus he’s 37.  No thanks.

34. Barry Cofield – DT NY Giants

I can see him helping out in a rotation consisting of Seymour, Kelly, Bryant and himself.  I don’t see New York letting him go that easily in favor of dumping Osi Umenyora.

33. Eric Weddle – FS Dolts

I’ve never been really impressed with this guy even if he wasn’t powder blue softy.  I think we can make do better with the options we currently possess.

32. Randy Moss – WR Titans

Really?  Lol!

31. Braylon Edwards – WR Da Yets

While he would present a need pickup there are much more sure-handed options available via free agency and isn’t exactly a high character veteran example for our young receiving core.

30. Eric Wright – CB Caca Stains

He has been a solid player on the Browns for quite some time but has never really stood out as a game-changer on defense.  If Oakland lets Nnamdi go I would not really be impressed with a play for him however he may provide a good number two corner to Asomugha if we let Routt walk.

29. Steve Smith – WR NY Ants

There are several key factors making him the perfect fit in Oakland.  He is coming off a season ending injury on a team that already has a lot of money and years invested in two other young receivers so the chances of him coming back to New York are slim.  Also he would provide a productive, veteran, possession receiver for the improving Raider offense.  I will be interested in this one for quite a while.

28. Brandon Mebane – DT Seachicks

I would respect us going after him especially if we lose Seymour but the fact Seattle was in the top half on run defense when he played and was in the bottom five when he didn’t makes it almost unimaginable he walks.

27. Ike Taylor – CB Armpitsburgh

He’s been the best corner on the best defense for years but then again is it him or the talent and great defensive play-calling surrounding him.  I think at 30years old there are better options for this franchise at corner back.

26. Ahmad Bradshaw – HB Dwarfs

First not a need and second at 24 years old, New York will not let him walk with only Brandon Jacobs as an option.

25. Cedric Benson – HB Bungholes

Again not a big need and his best years seem to be behind him.

24. Antonio Cromartie – CB NY Paper Planes

He was expected to have 10 interceptions across from Revis this past season but didn’t.  The drop off in pass defense from the secondary may have a lot to do with him since he was the main changeover from 2009 to 2010.  However as a number two if Nnamdi comes back may be worth a look.  If Nnamdi goes, not so much.

23. Mathias Kiwanuka – DE NY Giants

He can provide good pass rushing depth but something tells me not at the price tag he may be asking for.

22. Chad Greenway – LB Vikings

He’s been very valuable to this team but maybe more as a collective group against the run then he alone.  However if Minnesota lets him go which may be likely with the sense they may start the rebuilding process after their best chance at a Super Bowl run has past them by; wouldn’t mind talking about a deal.

21. Ryan Kalil – C Panthers

A 2-14 team doesn’t have much to build around but with Jordan Gross at OT and this guy as good as he is at center and being only 24 years old would be a good start.  In the unlikely event he isn’t either franchised or overpaid to stay he would be on the short list of key free agents to go after this off-season.

20. Stephen Tulloch – LB Titanics

This is another on the short list of free agents I want the Raiders to try to make a deal for.  However Tennessee doesn’t have much talent defensively and the fact he is only 26 makes him a key cog to build around for a franchise in rebuilding mode.

19. Carl Nicks – G Saints

This may or not be a position of need and will rest on the Robert Gallery situation this off-season.  With Gallery probably wanting to remain paid roughly $8 million per season and with chronic back problems makes me say this would be a major upgrade if we were to pick him up.  He is adequate at pass protection and is much more versed in power blocking than Gallery has been.

18. Sidney Rice – WR Viqueens

I would be pretty happy in the unlikely event we were to snatch him up.  I don’t see it happening as either Minnesota tags him or he goes to the highest bidder.  I personally think after what he did in 2009 he will be looking for the best QB situation possible.  Unfortunately I think San Diego lets both Floyd and Jackson walk and goes after him as he seems to be the most polished receiver of the three and is only 24.

17. Santonio Holmes – WR Jersey Shore

Like Owens, Moss, Cromartie, and Braylon Edwards previously on this list, I don’t see him as a good fit on this team character-wise.  Oakland hasn’t had players suspended due to off-field actions since Goodell has been in power and I think there is a reason for that.

16. David Harris – LB Jersey Jerks

With so many players for the Jets to make decisions on I think they may just let this guy go.  I would love to see us go after him especially if we move to a 3-4 defense.  I’m pumped about this one.

15. Davin Joseph – OT Tampon Bay

Joseph ended the season early due to injury however a player versatile enough to play tackle and guard will be in high demand this off-season.  I don’t think Tampa Bay lets him go.

14. Richard Seymour – DE The Greatest Franchise in the History of Sports…Sports…Sports!!!

It’s difficult to predict how Al Davis will approach this key decision as it may be the most important one that he makes this off-season arguably.  I would like to say they work out a 3 or 4 year deal but I have a hunch he is slapped with the franchise tag again.

13. Johnathan Joseph – CB Bungles

He’s one of the top five cover corners and may be a part of the best cornerback tandem in the NFL.  Cincinnati would be stupid to let him go so I guess he becomes a free agent then.  They would be better served using their money on thirty-something diva wide receivers and offensive tackle draft busts with man-titties.  Thus this would make him great free agent option with or without Nnamdi.

12. Jared Gaither – OT Crows

Ah, a player several posts on this blog have been dedicated to.  If 100% healthy he can be the key signing that wins this team its first division crown in almost a decade.

11. Ray Edwards – DE Vikes

Like Greenway he may have been blessed by double-teams on the Williams brothers and Jared Allen wreaking havoc.  Also he will be too expensive to be a pass rush depth option which will basically be the only reason to try to go after him.  Next.

10. Vincent Jackson – WR Light Bulbs

I’m not sure about our chances of signing this big-time deep threat but if the stars align he can be the difference in the balance of power in the AFC West shifting back to Alameda.

9. Deangelo Williams – HB Pussiecats

He will hit the open market I guarantee as his best contract is behind him.  However running back is not that big a need right now. 

8. Champ Bailey – CB Donks

I honestly believe whatever happens to Nnamdi will be the deciding factor in whether or not we win the Champ Bailey sweepstakes.  If Nnamdi walks we say goodbye to the wet dreams of both playing opposite each other in the AFC Championship one day.  I will guarantee you this however; he will not be franchised by Denver.

7. Lamarr Woodley – LB Curtain Rods

There is no chance in hell he is in silver and black in 2011.  I can see Pittsburgh most likely using the franchise tag on him.

6. Logan Mankins – G Cheaters

See # 19 however he will be the bigger upgrade if signed.

5. Tamba Hali – LB Kansas Shitty Chokes

No chance in hell.

4. Nnamdi Asomugha – CB Raiders

If he is willing to resign for say 4 years for $45 million I say yes.  Anything higher no; which means I see him leaving realistically. 

3. Haloti Ngata – DT Ex-Stains

Baltimore used to build around MLB Ray Lewis.  I believe that has shifted to Mr. Ngata.  He will not hit the open market.

2. Michael Vick – QB Filthydelphia

I think when all is said and done, Kolb is traded and Vick ends his career with the Eagles.

1.Peyton Manning – QB Ponies

Cooper Manning’s little brother will retire with Indy or maybe some random team like Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath, and that pervert Favre before him after sticking around one year too long.  I just hope that random team isn’t Oakland.

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