SBP's Most (And Least) Hated.

I saw this game while I was over at Hogs Haven, and thought it'd be a fun way to keep ourselves amused while we wait for some news on the future of the NFL lockout and stuff.

Basically it works like the Hurt/Heal threads you can find on any TV or movie fansites, only with NFL teams.

Each team starts with 10 points. With each move, you get two points which you can use to double heal a team, double hurt or heal one team and hurt another. Each SBP member gets two moves every 24 hours.


Kansas City Chiefs = 10

Carolina Panthers = 10

You can either double hurt KC (taking their score to 8), double heal Carolina (12) or hurt KC and heal Carolina (putting KC on 9 and Carolina on 11). I picked both teams at random...ok, I picked the Queefs at random from the AFC West. Once a team hits zero points, they're blown out of the game and any votes for them will be recorded as kicks to the groin while they're down. OK, not really. No point in kicking San Diego in the groin anyway since they have no testicles between them.

Anyway, you get the idea. Obviously the Raiders don't count cause then there'd be no point. I'll update the thread every time I come on here (which is at least a few times a day) and I suggest all players rec it so it stays up top.

Here goes.

Cleveland Clowns = 11

Jacksonville Kitties = 8

Arizona Cardinals = 7
St. Louis Rams = 19
Philadelphia Iggles = 9
Green Bay Packers = 17
Minnesota Vikings = 10

Carolina Panthers = 10
Atlanta Falcons = 11
New Orleans Saints = 2


San Diego Dolts - Don't RIP.

Kansas City Queefs - Gone and quickly forgotten.

New England Cheatriots - "Tuck off."
                                          "What'd you say?"
                                          "I said tuck off, with a T, don't you know how to spell or shit?" - the inspiration.

Pittsburgh Stealers - Dead and buried.

Denver Bongos - Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, if Bush don't get you DMC must.

San Francisco 40Whiners - "So the Niner fan said "I will call on my fully sick boiz, eh" and the Raider fan pulled out a gun and just went, chk chk boom."

Dallas Cowgirls - Cause every cowboy sings their sad, sad song. And I shouldn't listen to Poison.

Tampon Bay Bucs - This is for the Gruden Bowl, not your women.

Miami Dolphins - See above, only replace "Gruden Bowl" with "Last season's game."

New York J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS -  Go eat a goddamn snack. (Sanchez is still dreamy though).

Washington Demon Snyders - I'm scared now that Danny Boy (sorry, Mr. Snyder) will sue us. You're not short, Mr Snyder, please don't sue. I got no money.

Indianapolis Colts - Now I'm worried Peyton's forehead will summon aliens from outer space on me.

Baltimore Ratbirds - Fuck you Siragusa, you fat bastard.

Seattle Seachickenhawks - This is for costing me $200 in last year's playoffs, you bastards.

Detroit Lions - Didn't like it, but given that I have a long held antipathy of all things Blue Oval is was made easier. Blame LAP though.

New York Midgets - Eli can't even fail as well as his brother.

Houston Rednex - Don't click this link. Seriously, don't. Unless you want your ears to bleed.

Buffalo Bills - Nothing's wrong with this link.

Tennessee Titans - Dead and bloated.

Da Chicago Bears -

Cincinnati Bungholes - Can you blame Carson Palmer?

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