ok al , no namandi ,miller ,gallery and no 1st where do we go from here

 Ok we spent  $100,000,000  in a week , failed to get asomagua( a mistake fans will not appriciate untill we see the drop off next season ), gallery( i agree he under achived finally became a good gaurd then couldnt stay on the field ) , or miller signed (possibly the worst decision we made this offseason to not even get an rfa tag on him to protect him and get nothing in return if he signs elsewhere, with an 24hr extension of  the cba maybe we'll reconsider )  . we did not give miller the rfa tag even though it was available ,did not sign  te's shockey or daniels or rt woody to make draft day a little easier and no free agent signing allowed till after cba,so what to do what to do .

 Ok we have no 1st and without being able to deal players or negotiate picks or players for our rfa's this year (oh ya we didnt use our rfa tags) , and no ammo to really move up heres what were lookin at 48 and beyond , the guys i think can fill these holes

 the good news is we actually do better in rd 2,3,4 drafting than we do in the 1st 

we need 3 offensive linemen ,(a gaurd ,a tackle ,and a center),a cb, and a tight end ,oh ya they all need to be able to start yr 1 and need to drop to 48


CB ras i dowling, virginia, was a 1st rounder before his injury ,if healthy could be a steal

CB smith,colorado , i have seen this kid play on grass not film in colorado and theres nothing wrong with him woodson cant fix

CB patrick ,louisville,durable, fast ,fluid, man cover skills , with our front office stressing wanting"character guys" not sure theyll take a chance though  


OT sherrod ,miss st ,may fall to us because might not have the feet for Lt not physical enough for rt but i think will be a Lg capable of replacing gallery and possibly surpassing him

OG/C hudson,fl st , if we go ol in the 2nd may be our best bet could be a quality starter at lg or c and we need both 

OT cannon ,tcu ,possibly rt but will probably will have to move to gaurd not sure the skill set matches the 2nd rd pick it will take to get him

OT ijalana,villanova, has the physical tools for Lt ,raw, but has potential to be the sleeper of this draft

OT franklin ,mi, kicked out to Lt senior year did pretty good matched up against dequan bowers but probably a Rt in the nfl thats ok we need a rt ,could upgrade the position

OG watkins,baylor ,could play almost anywhere on the line, 26 though

OG moffit ,wis, not the athletic physical specimen youd like to see round is a shape not in shape ,but big smart and tough

C wisnewski , probably our pick in the 4th

C kirkpatrick ,tcu, if wisnewski is gone this kid can anchor against big bull rushers

sorry boys and girls if we loose miller the answer is not in this draft

TE green nev , impressive physical tools,by no means ready to plug in as a starter yet though , has alot to learn, in nevadas system didnt really have to develop as a blocker or show he can beat the press off line it will take time to develop but has the recieving skills ,is a little light but give him a couple yrs and a tab at soul bros kitchen on telegraph to fatten him up he could have the most upside

TE kendricks wis , good rec skills ,not physical,hard time as in line blocker and beating the jam 

TE stocker,tenn, decent in line blocker showed some recieving skills at the senior bowl but wont threaten the seam or be able to threaten on post patterns which is crucial if you need to crack a tampa 2 defense

TE saunders,nice size and recieving skills marginal strength plays small poor work ethic and character issues that may prevent him being able to develop into a nfl player

TE dj williams,ark...housler fla atlantic ,both really undersized players with really no inline blocking potential or ability to pick up blitz

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