Post Combine Mock Draft

1st of all, I am all for the Routt contract, you can hate if you want to but if we lost Nnamdi and Routt we'd have Chris Johnson , Walter Mac, and Jeremy Ware hahaha that would get ugly! But Routt showed last year he can play the man to man 100% scheme well. His stats were great and he may not be a top 10 corner in some peoples opinions but in terms of bump and run, he's top 5 in my opinion. Some people feel CB's can just jump into our system and succeeed. Look how long it took Nnam? look what happened to probowler D. hall, when you have people who can play this scheme, you keep them! Plus we havent even lost Nnam yet, but everybody wants to believe the 3 dumbasses of NFL Network, Mora, Schefter and Lambardi. IDK if Nnam will be back but either way keeping Routt at this price was the right move. Also people can hate but the Gallery move was right, a near bust injury prone once LT now LG is not who u want mentoring your line. We can get much better value for a way cheaper price and Bruce may get the nod. I did not want Gallery back especially for 8 mill and the RUNNING GAME WONT BE HURT BY IT! People just look very reasons to hate though.

 Heres my post combine mock draft:

If we lose Nnamdi this where I think we go with the pick.

Theres been a trade, the Oakland Raiders have traded Chaz Schilens and a 2nd and 3rd round pick in 2012 for the 28th and 156th pick.

1st Round Pick 28th Overall: Jimmy Smith CB Colorado 6'2 211

-Man to Man shutdown corner, allowed only 11 completions when in man to man coverage during his Junior and Senior year. A great choice for nnamdis replacement. He also ran a 4.4, him and Routt make a great shutdown duo.

-If we dont lose Nnamdi, and we do trade up, I believe we take: Mike Pouncey G Florida 6'5 303

2nd Round Pick 48th Overall: Stefen Wisneiwski C Penn State 6'3 313

-Strong, Smart, Athletic center. Will anchor this line for years to come and under his uncles teachings will become one of the premier linemen in the NFL. People think he goes before our pick but I doubt it, and alot of mock drafts have him going to us or after we pick. I dont see us passing him up.

3rd Round Pick 81st Overall: Bruce Carter LB North Carolina 6'3 241

-Got in trouble at UNC, I feel is the most explosive LB in the draft, very instictive, can flow sideline to sideline or attack the line of scrimmage. Great tackler and good feet in coverage. Carter, McClain, Wimbley as our 3 LB, WHAT AN UPGRADE!

4th Round Pick 112th Overall: Marcus Gilbert OT Florida 6'6 330

-Hard Working reliable durable RT. Was a leader on an O-line that didnt allow more than a sack a game during an 8 week stretch in 2010. Constant worker and always study his playbook. He will take over at RT opposite Veldheer. He's sneaky athletic, strong and has great feet.

5th Round Pick 145th Overall: DeAndre Brown WR Southern Miss 6'6 233

-You've heard me talk about him, the definition of the word beast, low risk HIGH HIGH HIGH REWARD, great speed hands and agility. Can take over as our #1 opposite Murphy and Jacoby in the slot. 

6th Round Pick 176th Overall: Julius Thomas TE Portland State 6'5 246

-Great receiver out of the TE position, big bodied and has alot of potential. Hue's system involves 2 and 3 TE and a time. A package with Thomas and Miller side by side would make any safety and LB group shiver in fear.

7th Round Pick 207th Overall: Ryan Barthelomew C Syracuse 6'1 302

-You already know we have to take the workout warriors lol but who knows. Maybe this kids craft catches up to his athleticism and we get the steal of the century. Maybe he gets bigger and develops and we can put him at the guard position, if anything he adds needed depth.

Compensatory Pick: Scott Tolzein QB Wisconsin

-a project quarterback and stable backup, not sure if he is the long term solution though because of his lackadaisical release.

-if we could find a way to land back in the 3rd or 4th round id love to take Jaiquawn Jarrett if we lose Huff. a star in the making.

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