Oakland Raider 2011 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

(Editor's Note: This is the best Mock Draft that I have seen so far. I would definitely be happy with these selections. Great Job Screwfish! Front Page!)

Rd 2: Marcus Cannon (G, TCU)

This was a tough pick, but in the end I felt we needed to plug our hole at guard the most as I believe that Bruce Campbell has to be moved to RT this year. A guy with his athleticism and strength is wasted at guard.
Cannon, on the other hand, is the ideal guard for a power blocking, run first team like we're shaping up to be. He's a hell of a mauler in the run game while being athletic enough to hold his man in pass protection. Stick him at RG and we're set.

Rd 3: Casey Matthews (LB, Oregon)


Other than the name, position and hair there isn't really a whole lot that Casey Matthews shares with his brother Clay - but that's fine for us. What the Raiders need most at LB right now is a weakside guy who's a safe even if not spectacular tackler, can drop into pass coverage, has a high football IQ and doesn't make mistakes. That's exactly how Matthews the Younger plays. Some team may be suckered in by the name and take him in the second, however.


Rd 3 (Gallery Compensatory pick): Robert Sands (S, West Virginia)

Al will love this guy, and the man they call the Predator is worthy of the love. Not only is he a physical freak at 6'5" and 220 pounds, but he's a much more secure tackler than Huff and is a menace in the passing game. If Nnamdi goes, we could also look at making him into a cornerback.


Rd 4: DeMarcus Van Dyke (CB, Miami)

This is a bit high for Van Dyke, but let's be realistic - do you really think Al's gonna let a CB who runs a 4.28 40 slip? I'm having nightmares already that we'll use a 2nd or 3rd on him.

That said, he's a hell of an athlete and has decent football skills. I called in some help here (a friend of my girlfriend's who goes to the U) and his verdict is that with the right coaching and some strength work, Van Dyke can be a good NFL cornerback. Let's hope, because it's a foregone conclusion we wind up with him a round too early.


Rd 5: Kris O'Dowd (C, USC)
O'Dowd's stock is dropping after a poor Senior Bowl and injury concerns, but we have nothing at center apart from Satele, who isn't suited to a power blocking scheme. He's worth a shot here, especially given his ability to maul in the run game.

Rd 6: DeAndre Brown (WR, Southern Mississippi)


Hue has come out and said that he's happy with our receivers, but at this stage you may as well look to pick up a prospect. Especially if said prospect is 6'6", has better hands than any of our current WRs with the exception of Schilens (who can't stay fit for nuts) and is a mid-round talent who fell because of a broken leg. Think Michael Bush in 2007. You gotta do it.


Rd 7: Joshua Portis (QB, California of Pennsylvania)


I know there are some out there who don't want to take a quarterback in this draft, but I'm not one of them. Josh Portis was excellent at the Combine - who even knew who he was before then? His character issues may scare some teams, but at this stage I'd be happy to take a punt on his athletic ability and arm as a 3rd string QB. Let him hold a clipboard and get some practice reps, then we can see what we got.

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