RF21's sunday mock.

Round 2; Colin Kaepernick 6'6 - 225 lbs QB Nevada

He is the perfect 2nd round pick. He's got so much more upside then anything. He can make all the throws and has decent accuarcy. He's a leader on and off the field. The only problem is his footwork but I figure a year or two on the bench with Hue coaching him he could be the future.

Now I know i'm gonna get heat for this because I do agree QB is not our most glaring need but I think it's still a need. I do like Campbell and you all know i've been a Bruce supporter since day one but I just cannot see one of those guys holding the Lombardi over their heads. Campbell has always been a 7-9, 8-8, and 9-7 QB but that's it. He does average. It's not perfection. It's not excellence. It's decent and decent has never been the Raider way. Jay will start the next two years and i hope he proves me wrong but if he doesn't we have a QB ready to go.

Round 3; Clint Boling 6'5 - 308 lbs LG/RT

This big hoss was a 4 year starter for the bulldogs and has played LT. RT, and LG. So sounds pretty perfect with us not knowing who any of our starters on the line are gonna be except Veldheer and Satele. Now I do think Gallery helped Veldheer and was a leader to that line and it will be hard to replace but we have to replace it and Clint is the first step.

Round 4; Buster Skrine 5'10 - 186 lbs CB

The Al Davis pick. This guy is fast. I'm not sold on him or any other corner besides the top 3 but even they will not be able to fill in for Aso. I really hope some how we offer him Champ Bailey money and he takes it. Even if the miracle happens and he stays I like this pick even more because I want Buster to be Routt's replacement not Aso's.

Round 4 Marcus Gilbert 6'6 -329 lbs RT Florida Comp Pick for Gallery

This guy isn't really a project just sort of needs to grow and get used to the NFL. He's Reliable, durable player who consistently gives good effort. One of the team's senior leaders for 2010. Mature, well-liked player with no known character issues. Studies his playbook and constantly looks to improve.Effective size and mobility to be an extremely effective positional blocker at the next level. Anchors against strong defensive ends well, resets his hands to sustain the block. Moves his feet to wall off backside run support and sustain until the play is away. Solid pass protector with a quick set, fluid lateral movement and willingness to go out and punch his man off the snap instead of waiting for the rush to come to him. Usually keeps his feet active and arms extended while engaged. Sustains after initial contact and can anchor against most ends. Good balance to protect the inside lane.

5th; Brandon Fusco Slippery Rock 6'4 - 302 lbs C

I'm trying to find out more about this guy but am having problems. I figure we struck gold with an small school Olineman last year let's go for it again. He won the Gene Upshaw award for being best Olineman in D-2. His coach said he's a great leader on and off the field. He's very quick with decent footwork and his a bruiser.

6th; Derek Hall Stanford 6-5 - 305 lbs RT

This guy was one of thr guys who kept Andrew Lucks jersey clean. He used to play defense but switched. It's easy to overlook his inexperience considering Stanford finished second in the nation with only six sacks allowed, but Hall has a lot to learn about the position. His natural athleticism has hidden many of his deficiencies. He still needs to tighten his footwork and add some weight. He does have the necessary upside and in-line blocking skills to get a shot in the mid-to-late rounds with the potential to blossom as a starting right guard or tackle.

 7th; Ryan Donahue Iowa Punter I don't want to lose Shane but I think he could be one more word from being traded. Now I know we also need an OLB. I don't like Mathews and I think a 4th for Mark is too much. So what about Kirk Morrison? He'd come cheap. Then next year we can use our 1st for a stud OLB?

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