Al Installs Another Liability in the Secondary

It's hard to have any confidence in the Raiders secondary now that Hiram Eugene was re-signed instead of re-signing Michael Huff.

Huff started slow after being a first round pick a few years ago. He definitely was not stout enough against the run to play strong safety but once he found his role at free safety he started to play a lot better. He was making INTs, arriving to make timely tackles and even batting passes as an extra pass rusher. There is no doubt that Huff has upped his game to all-pro levels. Now He will walk away as a free agent apparently.

Isn't it peculiar how a solid player like Huff is allowed to leave yet Al signs second fiddle dudes like Hiram Eugene. Though, Eugene was signed for a lot less at around 1 something million a year than it would have cost to sign Huff. Still, the way Al throws around money, what benefit is there to sign a weaker player?

Isn't it peculiar that a lamer like Stanford Routt received a Nnamdi-like contract as a reward for being complete crap as a football player?

And of course what would a Raiders season be without re-signing a barely mediocre Ricky Brown. You have got to be kidding right? Just you wait, a Sam Williams tender couldn't be far behind.

You know what this comes down to is more of Al's ego. A few years ago when Tommy Kelly was signed for an absurd number (what was it, 50 million?), Al was asked why he did not re-sign the more proven commodity Derrick Burgess instead. Not that Burgess was worth anything close to 50 million either but Al looked the media squarely in the eyes and said "I gave the money to Tommy Kelly and not him."

Al just likes the idea of dominating other men who he feels have failed him. He was in Robert Gallery's corner, handing him a nice package (ahem, salary) until Gallery went turncoat and backed then head coach Tom Cable. That soured Gallery to Al so he was not going to receive another big money deal.

Huff was always a disappointment to Al so even having a strong two seasons to finish his career as a Raider, it was not enough. Al decided to go with a mediocre Hiram Eugene who is completely useless against the run. Just ask Willis McGahee.

In his mistaken belief he is doing what is right in order to win, it's really about showing up a player and making it known who big daddy is. You could see this pattern with how he treated Marcus Allen, perhaps even before then but it's so obvious now it's pathetic.

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