Two Tight End Set?

As I already said in the Hiram Eugene-post, it would be lovely to see the Raiders picking up a tight end, that is in terms of production more close to Miller than Myers would be. I like Myers, but in my mind, he is no TE that you can count on every down in a two tigh end-set. With the rushing attack we have, while Bush is likely to stay, and a Fullback that has grat hands and can go the distance, it could be a real menace to opposing teams running a set with two TE's (Miller plus X), two HB's (DMC&Bush), or one HB (DMC/Bush) and one WR (Murphy/Ford/Schilens if healthy), and Reece at FB.

Before I'll explain why I would like us running which set, let's have a look at the notable free agent tight ends in 2011:

Marcedes Lewis (JAC) – The 6’6, 275-pound Lewis had a breakout season as a reliable red zone target. His size creates mismatches down the seam and opens up room underneath. He isn’t an elite tight end, but is the most consistent receiver on the Jaguars. Given the struggles the Jaguars have had in finding dependable offensive weapons since the Jimmy Smith/Keenan McCardell days, they’ll look to re-sign Lewis. Like Miller, Lewis is also a well-rounded tight end.

Owen Daniels, HOU – Daniels was on a sizzling pace in 2009 before injury cut short a spectacular season. Over the last quarter of 2010, he showed some of the same promise that he could soon be an elite pass-catching TE once again. Still, the injury last year cost Daniels a lot of coin.

Kevin Boss, NYG – Boss is a well-rounded tight end in line with the Giants emphasis on the running game. Though opportunities have been somewhat limited by the success of the Giants receiving corps, Boss has been reliable and effective when thrown to. He’s the perfect tight end for the Giants offense and an integral cog in both the rushing and passing attack.


As Marcedes Lewis is likely to be re-signed, we could still target Daniels or Boss. If not one of these two, there's still Desmond Clark, though I'm not really into him considering his age. Boss is who I would love the most, he's an allround tight end that can do it all.


Now, let's get to the question of which set we could run, having two premiere TE's on the roster.

First thing is, with two catching-TE's and Backs with such sweet hands as DMC and Reece, these formations would open up a whole world of audibles, as we coul easily switch from a run to pass play, though there would be no homerun-plays while running any of the following formations.



File:T green.PNG

The Power-T, featuring two tight ends, would be powerful in terms of a running play with multiple options as well as for a short pass play, targeting one of the TE's or HB's, in the case of Reece also easily the FB.

The split-end/Split-T has one WR and one TE instead of two TE's, which would allow us to get deeper with Ford and Miller, or adjusting on the line, while having a wideout that is commited to blocking such as Murphy.


File:Wing-T green.PNG

No pro-formation at all, but could be interesting to watch with Ford or Murphy on the left and DMC as the left slotback, being send in motion towards the QB prior to the snap, loading up the box with three receiving options (HB, FB and TE) while the only WR can go deep and open up the homerun-opportunity, if he's in single coverage.


File:Maryland I green.PNG

Developed by Tom Nugent at Maryland, the Maryland-I as a running formation at first, but also opens up many opportunities in the passing game, as long as your backs are able to catch the ball. You can move one HB to the outside of the line and use him as a third receiver and you're also able to run various screens, having two blocking backs.



File:Power I green.PNG

Very powerful in the rund towards the strong side and on counter-plays. Though we'd have to replace one of the FB's with a blocking HB, such as the freshly signed Bennett.


H-Back (variation of a single set back)

File:Ace redskin green.PNG

This would serve as a formation in which we can go deep, the HB got to pass block, the receivers can all be spread out, also a great formation considering slant-plays. Offers a variety of possible plays and audibles.



File:Wishbone green.PNG

Somehow got out of style, but is also very flexible. You can run it with two tight ends, on tight end and one wide receiver or even with two wide receivers. A run formation for the most part, as you can send one HB in motion to his side and use the FB as the lead blocker, creating a powerful strong side.



File:New flexbone green.PNG

More a college-formation, but can be powerful in the short pass-game, with the slotbacks replaced by two tight ends and the fullback replaced by a halfback. The option-formation of option-formations, but it is very unlikely seeing us run a triple option with JC under center.

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