A Deeper Look At All The Prospects Oakland Has Worked Out , What Does The Nation Think

 These are the guys Oakland has been working out .

  Keep in mind the only 2nd rd picks that are visiting are Kaepernick and Jimmy Smith , and neither of them are likely to be there at 48 , so though the list may give us a glimpse of what our 3rd , 4th , 5th , 6th , and 7th rounds may look like , there is very little here to show what Al is thinkingdoing with pick 48.


  Chris hairston - LT - 6'7"- 325 - clemson ,projectedbetween rd 4 or 5 , allot to like needs good feet , needs allot of work on technique , but good upside...Oakland could go tackle earlier and still not do any better than this guy , hes got allot of potential

  Byron Bell - 6'5" - 337 - New Mexico , will be moving from tackle to guard probably a 7th rounder , a mountain of a man , good anchor , has the ability to become a starter in the NFL if he is coached up , but there lies the question with this young man , has had conflicts with coaches and personal issues

  Bryant Browning -6'3"-319- Ohio st , power blocker , launches off the snap , not real athletic , but does bring character and leadership to the table , probably a 6th or 7th rd pick

  Not the big name guys the fans like to talk about when we discuss linemen , but as i have stated before Jackson Favors the type of linemen you don't necessarily have to take high


 Jimmy Smith - 6'1"- 205 co , a potentially dominant cover corner , I've seen this guy play on grass as well as TV , live he reminds me a little of Deangelo Hall , has all the tools , needs to work on lapses in concentration , but would be a steal at 48

 Oakland has about as much chance here as a stiff fart in the wind , but a positive drug test a few years ago along with multiple minor in possession of alcohol incidents have run up red flags

 Still I think there's more of a chance of Harris from MI makes it to 48 before Smith does , Smith has potential to be a shutdown corner , Harris is gonna drop , hes a nickle-back at best , who at 5'9" maynot be fast enough to cover slot receivers , and maybe too short to cover TE's , Smith is a no brainier at 48 but his size , speed and ability make him the 3rd ranked CB in this draft , teams wont risk a high pick , but will see value in him at the bottom of the 1st 

  Curtis Marsh -6'-197-utah st , 45 tackles , 13 passes defended , and 2 ints, still learning after playing 1st two yrs at RB , but has upside , rd 4 projection

  Demarcus Van dyke- mi- 4.28 40 , that's about it


  Chris Culliver-FS-6'-200- , allot to like about this kis man cover ability nearly 2500 yds returning kicks , 4th rd pick 4.36 40

  Keanemana Silva -s- Hawaii- 4.43 40 , 8 picks 6 to 7th rd pick , finnished his career with 159 tackles and 14 picks in 2 yrs


  Sidney Tarver -olb-6'3"-236-Tenn st , had 62 tackles , 7 1/2 tfl , 3 1/2 sacks , had a great pro day

  Marc Schiechl-olb/de-6'2"-252 -co. school of mines, 46 career sacks , cactus bowl player of the game , gene upshaw award runner up

  Chris Carter-olb-6'2"-240-Fresno st. more of a 3-4 rush backer than a 4-3 backer , a little small for a DE , 5th rd pick, could be a productive pass rusher in the right defense


  Rob housler-6'5"-228-Fla Atlantic , not aevery down TE , but has receiving skills to challenge the seam , more of an h back than a TE , but never the less worth a look in the fourth


  Jared  Jenkins-6'4"-225-Wisconsin Stevens point ,all conference player 4.47 40 , 3 yr starter


 Colin Kaepernick , we talked about him in depth in part one of this subject , maybe the fastest riser in the draft  , started  as a 3rd or 4th round pick , by last week was a mid 2nd , now upper 2nd , would be a good fit but not likely to be there

  So nation , what do you think about these guys ?

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