KA1Z3R's Oakland Raiders 2011 Draft Version 2.0

It's been a while since I've posted and I must say I regret that. I've been wrapped up in the NBA, my girlfriend, and my Youtube channel. But here I am with my second Raiders mock. I won't drag out too much of an intro so check out my mock after the jump.

Second Round- Stefen Wisniewski G/C Penn State 6-3 313



Gallery? Out. Carlisle? Sucks and doesn't fit scheme. Solution? Get a new guard. Whether Wis comes in to play center and Samson Satele gets moved to left guard, or Wis goes to LG, or whatever else. Another interior lineman is needed for all the other pieces to move. I'm of the firm belief that Langston Walker is moving to RG and Campbell is getting put at RT. A line of Veldheer-Wisniewski-Satele-Walker-Campbell would be a very solid unit with a lot of potential.

Evaluating as a center, Wis will struggle early on with bull rushers, but intelligence is a center's most treasured attribute. Wis has plenty of that. Now as a guard, Wis will work less on those big NT's and be able to use his quick feet and intelligence to be a major force as a pulling guard. He'd match up much better on the 4-3 DT's and 3-4 DE's. Stefen could also be a big help to Jared Veldheer from the LG spot.

I believe Wisniewski will start out as a LG and become a future center. He's a better fit at LG right now until he learns to deal with 3-4 NT's and bulks up his lower body. Wis brings a mean-spirited tough lineman to the Raiders line, and that's impossible to teach.

 I find it a little too convenient that one Wis is brought on to the coaching staff while another goes in the draft. Stefen's stock is falling to where many think he could go in the fourth or even later. I think Al sees the potential and the promise of Wisniewski and takes him in the second. He'll be criticized for a reach for a while, but be called a genius when Wis is still a good starter ten years from now.

Secondary Pick: Marcus Cannon RT/RG TCU


Third Round- Robert Sands S West Virginia 6-4 217



Michael Huff looks to be on the way out and the Raiders need a safety anyway. Huff didn't start to play good until late in the year and Tyvon Branch is far from a sure thing. I get the feeling Mike Mitchell might not pan out for a while and Stevie Brown is still a question mark. The Raiders need a safety to really solidify themselves around. Robert Sands can play the scheme and play it well.

Sands is fast, takes great angles on the run, and is arguably the best tackler in the draft. He excels at the single high zone scheme that the Raiders will ask him to play. Even if the receiver gets the catch, Sands has tendency to pop the ball loose. As a native West Virginian myself, I have seen a lot of Robert Sands. At worst he's a good starter for a decade, at best he's a superstar.

I don't believe his stock is that of a fourth round pick that many put him at. Sands is arguably the best safety in the class. Luckily for Oakland, safety isn't a huge need for many teams in the league.

Secondary Pick- Deunta Williams S UNC


Fourth Round- Mark Herzlich OLB Boston College 6-4 244



It's well-known that I love Mark Herzlich. It's well known that Quentin Groves is not a good OLB. It's well known that the Raiders seem to want bigger, stronger backers over faster ones. So what's not well known?

Herzlich is a perfect fit for the Raiders. The theme of last year's draft was immediate impact guy who were high-risk high-reward. The Raiders have their playmakers, now they need those guys that the team can revolve around and solidify themselves around for a decade.

Is this guy's stock only falling because of his previous cancer and lack of Dontay Moch speed? Intelligence, physicality, and great lateral movement are more important in the NFL for a linebacker than raw speed. Herzlich can come in and start immediately and be a good player for a lot of years. His ability to take angles and shed blocks make him the guy Oakland needs to contain those edge runs and cut into the backfield to get a couple tackles for loss. Oh and that cancer issue from before? He did beat cancer and had a great season for BC's 2nd ranked rush defense.

I hate that this guy is getting so heavily dissed, but I love it because it could let him fall right into the lap of the Oakland Raiders. Herzlich is the raw physical animal that Davis loves to see. If Davis is really trying to build an old-school Raiders bully, why not draft the meanest linebacker in the draft? And in the fourth round, the minor risk is worth the insanely high reward.

Secondary pick- Ross Homan OLB Ohio State


Fifth Round- Henry Hynoski FB Pittsburgh 6-0 257



If the Raiders are really serious about being a mean, physical, aggressive, power running team, they need a big mean lead blocker. Hynoski is the best lead blocker in the draft bar none. He's got so much raw power and can simply manhandle linebackers. He also brings to the table some great pass blocking as well.

I know many are saying, why not just get some undrafted blocker? Because I highly doubt we pull another Marcel Reece out of a hat. Hynoski has the potential to be one of the elite fullbacks in the league. Having Reece, the most dangerous weapon of a fullback, and Hynoski, one of the best blocking fullbacks, would make this offense very dangerous and very deep.

Now some will say, well if Hynoski comes out there then the defense knows it's gonna be a run. Well first off, they'll always think it's a run. We're not a passing team and probably won't be as long as we keep running like this and keep getting junk at receiver. So may as well have the best blocker you can for that defense. Secondly, Hynoski is actually a pretty good receiver. Now he won't make any huge gains like Reece, but he's got very good hands, and his size matched up against some corner on the outside is a major mismatch. Hynoski is also a great red zone and short distance runner.

Hynoski can come in and be a solid force early on, and could be a major boost for both the running and passing game.

Secondary Pick- Cornerback or developmental wide receiver

Sixth round- Lee Smith TE Marshall 6-5 266



Massive, strong, and a tall sure-handed red zone target, Lee Smith is just what Oakland needs. Arguably the best blocking tight end in the draft, Lee Smith can come in to block and allow Zach Miller to finally be free to show off his dominating receiving ability. While Khalif Barnes was also a good blocking option and should some ironically good hands for a touchdown, Barnes isn't fast enough or consistent enough to play blocking tight end.

Lee Smith isn't going to look like Zach Miller out there as a receiver, but he's got sure hands and a lot of power behind him. He can fight for those tough balls and power forward like a poor man's Brandon Jacobs. A reliable third and short option, he's just the kind of guy Oakland needs to extend some crucial drives. As is the theme for the draft so far, Smith is a guy who can come in and be a solid contributor for a decade. Pairing him with Miller and Myers gives the Raiders one of the best TE rotations in the NFL.

Secondary Pick- Developmental receiver or defensive back

Seventh Round- Taylor Potts QB Texas Tech 6-5 220



No Colin Kaepernick (spelling probably wrong), but more of a sure-thing of a developmental quarterback and much later. Why the draft stock of Taylor Potts is so low is beyond me. Other than coming from a spread system, Potts is a very accurate quarterback with good form and a quick release. He's mobile enough that he can extend plays, but he won't make many running the ball.

Jason Campbell seems like the way the Raiders are gonna go at quarterback for at least the next couple years, which is just fine by me (as I've expressed here many times over). Potts could be a very good quarterback in a couple years with some good coaching. Once he understands the pro style and learns about NFL football, he can start to show off those key skills that separate the elite from the weak in the NFL. Accuracy, intelligence, footwork, quick release.

Potts goes from Red Raiders QB, to Oakland Raiders quarterback of the future.

Secondary Pick- Nathan Enderle QB Idaho or developmental player

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