Signcut's one and only mock

Okay, the season seems to be back on, and because everyone and their brother are throwing mock drafts out there, I'd hate to feel left out and not contribute as well.

So, on to the chase...


I'm going to assume that there is not going to be a trade to move up in the draft, because 1) I hope it doesn't happen, since we are already a bit behind the 8-ball in this draft and I don't want to be hamstrung again in the near future, and 2) because I don't feel that the result will be worth the ultimate cost; there is no one player that will put us where we want to be, so giving up the future for a potential middling gain now seems to be past the point of diminishing returns.

2nd round, #48 - C Stefan Wisniewski. I didn't initially believe that he would slide this far, instead I had him going late first-early second, but if he is here, I can't see not taking him. If we are able to get another solid C in the draft, then Wisniewski can slide to G and provide depth for C.

3rd round, #81 - DB Curtis Brown, or CB Davon House if Brown is taken. This is looking to the future; both are productive college players with nice measurables that are made for man coverage, for the possibility of Asomugha not being back. Even if he returns, it raises the potential, based on production, of the luxury of a trade option down the line.

4th round, #113 – OLB KJ Wright. This is a younger, faster, cheaper version of Sam Williams at worst, and projects as a solid starter for a weak spot on the defense.

5th round, #148 - OT Derek Newton or OT Joseph Barksdale. The OL would be improved with the selection of Wisniewski, and this would continue that progress. Since it is unknown by any of us, and quite possibly even the staff, whether Bruce Campbell will be able to play RT or even RG, this is a move to shore up the right side. If nothing else, at least there is some quality depth, without leaning on players who have not been able to get time on the field without screwing it up, and having backups that can actually improve.

6th round, #181 - C Kristopher O'Dowd. This pick gives the option of moving Wisniewski to G, or at the least gives a strong backup at C. I don’t know if O’Dowd can play G, but if he can’t start at C, then it would be logical to see if it’s a possibility.

7th round, #219 – DE Ryan Winterswyk. With the expectation that Houston will eventually move to the inside, this brings in a high-motor, productive player to fight for playing time.

7th round, #241 - TE Colin Franklin. With the injuries that Miller has had, it is high time to bring in a backup that has receiving ability, as well as giving Hue Jackson another TE to run the double TE sets that will fit so well in this offense.

UFA's - QB Mitch Mustain (nice measurables, with more of an upside than either Frye or Boller), OLB Malcolm Smith (great athlete, productive starter, although for just for one year due to depth at position on college team), S Colin Jones (very fast, athletic, already a good ST guy), RB Donald Buckram (smaller back with top speed, solid YPC), WR Courtney Smith (excellent size, but a slow 40 will drop him out of the draft)

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