NationsGreatest FINAL MOCK DRAFT

Here is my final Mock Draft, No trades at all just our picks. But I do believe we will sign Nnamdi since there will likely be no cap this year. I got all of my prospect ratings from Please leave your comments, grade it if you want, let me know your suggestions.

With the 48th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft...TheOakland Raiders select:

Stefen Wisniewski G/C Penn State 6'3 313

Overall : 71 Position : 2

Player Rankings
Overall Position Rank
71 2

Pass blocking: Solid pass protector with very good athleticism. Quick pass set after shotgun or traditional snap. Moves well enough laterally to slide to help either guard. Good knee-bend and leverage against strong defenders. Does not overextend, staying balanced in pass protection. Aware and picks up inside blitzers after giving help to either side. Good punch to shock oncoming rushers, recoils quickly to deliver another if needed. Can be slow to recover if he takes a hand punch before delivering one. Loses his balance when reaching, on occasion.

Run blocking: Positional blocker with better technique than brute strength; does whatever is necessary to get the job done. Does not turn defenders to create holes, but latches on with strong hands and uses momentum to take players out of the gap. Moves feet to get to either shoulder of his assignment to shield defenders from the running lane. Fair anchor at the point of attack. He's not bowled over easily. Can put his man on the ground and keep him there, as he does not quit on blocks or plays until the whistle blows. Good leg drive and gets low quickly in short-yardage situations, though he won't always hit a defender before landing on the ground. Takes defenders out of the play and puts them to the ground when they try to go low near the goal line.

With the 81st pick in the 2011 NFL Draft...The Oakland Raiders select:

and here is our surprise pick folks

Greg Little WR North Carolina 6'3 225


Overall : 150 Position : 15

Positives: Has rare body control to contort in space and make the spectacular catch. Shows the ability to extend and pluck the ball outside of his frame. Long strider with good build-up speed, especially considering his size. Can track the ball over either shoulder. Good leaping ability to compete for jump-balls. The experience at running back is clear once he gets the ball in his hands. Good vision to set up blocks. Isn't afraid to cut back into inside traffic. Physical runner who fights for additional yardage. Keeps his feet churning and has a spin move to break free from tackles.

Negatives: Still developing as a route-runner. Has the speed, balance and agility worthy of development, but rounds off his routes and is inconsistent with his spacing. Isn't the physical blocker that his size and athleticism would lead one to believe. Gets in the way and provides some effort as a blocker, but needs to take this part of his job more seriously, especially when blocking the cornerback near the line of scrimmage. Lets too many passes into his chest, resulting in some ugly drops.

With the 113th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft...The Oakland Raiders select:

Buster Skrine CB Tennesse Chattanooga 5'10 186

Overall : 162 Position : 21

Positives: Plays off coverage, press and press-bail. Has change of direction ability to handle nickel spot, as well. Generally low in his backpedal. Closes quickly and is flexible enough to attack plays in front of him as a zone corner. Willing cut or shoulder tackler behind the line of scrimmage, or even when engaged with receiver on a block outside. Good recovery speed, catches receivers down the sideline even after taking a false step on pump fake. Owns hand-eye coordination to knock away passes in front of receivers. Good vertical to battle for jump balls. Gives some kickoff return ability with good straight-line speed and enough elusiveness to make the first man miss to get to the open field.

Negatives: Only adequate size and build for the position. Lacks strength as a tackler, duck-and-swipe at legs on the outside. Aggressive corner who can be fooled on double moves. Loses his balance in transition at times, missing tackles and giving up too many catches. Only fair hands for the interception, needs to improve to be a playmaker. Allows too many receptions, as he gives a lot of cushion to slower receivers. Lacks great vision as a returner, will not bounce them outside as easily at the next level. Must work on ball security.

With the 148th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft...The Oaland Raiders select:

Marcus Cannon OT 6'5 350

Overall : 50 Position : 7 (PRE LYMPHOMA DIAGNOSIS)

Pass blocking: Relatively nimble for his size, but there are concerns about his ability to handle speed on the edge. Difficult for college strong-side ends to get around, especially when technique-sound. Takes short steps off the line, can backpedal when necessary to cut off blitzing linebackers. Enough lateral movement to jar the defensive end with one hand while blocking down to double-team defensive tackles. Allows defenders too far into his body instead of extending his arms to lock them out. Has a strong second punch but it takes some time to land it. Bends at the waist and takes time to recover if punched. Lines up in two-point stance even when his teammates have their hands down because he'll struggle to maintain contact off the snap. Will push off when opponent tries to disengage, instead of keeping his feet moving to sustain.

Run blocking: Has the prototypical size to drive defenders off the line. Uses his size to seal the edge and wall off inside rushing lanes, but does not consistently get his hands up to manhandle smaller players he should dominate. Strong enough to anchor against the bull rush from bigger defensive linemen and turn them out of the hole. Needs to get out of three-point stance more quickly, but might be more explosive when lined up closer to the ball inside.

With the 181st pick in the 2011 NFL Draft...The Oakland Raiders select:

Martin Parker DT Richmond 6'2 303

Overall : 195 Position : 18

The 2010 All-American (96 tackles, 13.5 for loss, 5.5 sacks) earned a spot on the East-West Shrine Game roster after the season, and proved that he belonged with strength and quickness and surprised scouts when weighing in at 300 pounds. His game MVP performance included two early sacks. In a deep defensive tackle class, Parker is the type of mid-round pick likely to surprise early in his career.

Strengths: Active player with quick hands and feet. Gives guards at the FCS level all they can handle on every snap with a strong punch and high motor. Controls linemen when balanced, able to use violent hands to disengage and attack ballcarriers before they reach him. Has grown into a legitimate NFL three-technique body during his career. Nimble feet and solid balance give him enough change of direction ability to force mobile quarterbacks and elusive ballcarriers at least into the arms of teammates, if he does not use his long arms to securely wrap them up (which he usually does once in the immediate vicinity).

Weaknesses: Could anchor more consistently against double-teams and stronger single blocks. Only flashes a bull rush, will not push better NFL linemen into the pocket. Gets high off the snap at times, can be moved down the line by zone blockers to allow cutback lanes. Will provide interior pressure, not a ton of sacks, because he lacks elite closing speed.

With the 219th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft...The Oakland Raiders select:

Mike Mohamed OLB Cal 6'3 241

Overall : 222 Position : 11

Positives: Extremely smart, productive, durable and experienced. Sure tackler with a nose for the ball. Athletic with good "game speed" on the field. Can turn and run with receivers, and projects well covering tight ends in the NFL. Uses his tall frame well and makes plays on the ball in coverage. Top intangibles; very smart in the classroom. Played in a variety of formations, including inside in a 3-4 and at Mike and Will in 4-3 alignments. Actually may project best in the NFL as a 4-3 Sam.

Negatives: Somewhat high hipped, and as a result tends to play and run high and upright. Too often tackles by diving at ankles. Not a "thumper." Marginal blitzer who struggles to defeat blocks. Doesn't have a lot of "sand in his pants" and tends to get destroyed when colliding with linemen. Looks like a big safety. May need a scheme like a Tampa-2 that doesn't require a lot of collisions with linemen to succeed.

With the 241th pick in the 2011 NFL Draft...The Oakland Raiders select:

Mana Silva S Hawaii 6'1 212

Overall : 271 Position : 10

14 Int's in the last 2 years and knows how to hit, wrap up, and cause turnovers. True Ballhawk.

UDFA: Andre Holmes WR(Hillsdale) DeAndre Brown WR(Southern Mississppi) Malcolm Smith OLB(USC) Allen Bradford RB(USC) Josh Portis QB (Cal Pa.)

Please comment and let me know what you think, or what you would change.

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