Most Definitely An Oakland Draft ...

 Unable to move up Oakland ended up right where we thought we'd be ......

  Stephen Wisniewski, C , Penn st , you know what your getting with this guy , a solid lunchbox interior linemen , no big surprise, with every 1st , 2nd , and3rd tackle prospect of the board Oakland showed allot of patience to not reach for a tackle and take the best linemen on the board .... B+

   Demarcus Van Dyke , CB , Mi , speed and uh well uh speed , lost his job as a senior , can turn and run with receivers , but plays with no strengthth to redirect , non factor in the run game , more of a pile inspector than a tackler, with Foster LB ,  CBs Patrick , Marsh , and Brown on the board im not sure we got the best player available  here  , probably our worst pick in three years ... D

  Joeseph Barksdale , OT , LSU , ok ... we traded a 2nd for a third to take a 4th......and it was a solid move , probably the last OT with the tools and experience to have a chance to play next year .

 He has all the physical tools to compete , can mirror , but there's one thing that bugs me about this guy , motor , gets lazy , only plays hard enough to get by , at least this 300 pound tiger  is a lineman , but still .... hope fully the light will come on for this guy ...... C+

  Chimdi Chekwa , CB , good read and react skills , can turn and run with receivers , unlike Van Dyke he can get his hands on receivers and redirect , more of a zone corner though , coming off a broken forearm injury , aggressive player to the point it gets him in trouble , allot of his plays were made after coming off his coverage after falling for pumps , double moves , or getting caught with his eyes in the backfeild rather than on his man , good value here though , Coach Woodson has his work cut out for him with these 2 .......C+

  Tiwan Jones, RB , Eastern Washington , good burst , fast , quick , fast andcan take it to the house , but strictly an outside runner , even if you try to run him inside hell bounce it outside , he aint havin it , has had ankle , foot , leg , hip flexor , hand and shoulder injuries since high school , because he runs upright , exposes the ball and take devastating hits , we left  Sands FS and House CB on the board for this one ? .... C

  Denarius Moore , WR , Tenn , speed.... big surprise ..... not much else to say deep speed but gets his butt kicked by the ball when it gets there , just straight vertical speed ....we passed on Pinkston OT , Black S , Green TE and if we were goingwide out here Paul is a 225 4.5 guy who could be what Shillenz to our offense when shillenz is hurt .... anyways D-

  Richard Gordon , TE , MI , not a receiver , caught 6 passes after medical red shirt , a blocker , most likely wll be groomed for the blocking TE spot where barnes played last year , we left Lindsey cb , Romeus de , Mc elroy qb , Allen RB on the board..... C

  Ausberry WR , TE , FB, USC ......

  We started strong with Wisneiwski , but the Vandyke pick made no sense , he was not even one of the best CB's available ,  and we passed on a much needed linebacker , Barksdale was a solid move if he can be motivated to work he can be good , Chekwa good value but if we hadn't blown the van dyke pick we coulda spent this pick elsewhere , after that pretty much just speed , speed , speed , ignoring the FS, LB , and LG positions in need of upgrades .

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