So much for improvement

I entered this year's draft fairly optimistic. We didn't have a first rounder, but we did well drafting and filling needs last season so I figured that maybe this organization turned a corner. Then, we made a smart selection, drafting a G/C with our first pick, a smart guy and a good player who fills a need that has been ignored for a while.

But then, in true Al fashion, it turned to shit.

We entered this draft with three pressing needs: Help along the offensive line, another OLB, and safety help. Corner was an issue as well, but if we had gone without drafting one, I wouldn't have minded.

But, of course, we drafted two. DvD is a classic, obligatory, absurd Al Davis pick. Fast, but is not good enough to play man on underneath and intermediate routes. He is not strong enough to consistently tackle guys, eliminating the possibility of a move to safety. He is a developmental track athlete who we moved up to overdraft. That is a joke.

With the next pick we took an OT, which is good. That is a need. But we took one that was not rated that highly compared to who was available, and took him because of his size and strength. A "raw, talented guy with upside" is not what we needed when there were several more polished OT's on the board, and already went down that route last season with Bruce Campbell. JC is a guy who needs protection, so when you have two guys you can count on to be solid (Veldheer and Wiz), why in the world are you reach for a risky guy like Barksdale?

Then we take another corner for his size/speed who cannot be counted on to play man consistently well this year. If we're saying that Asomugha is gone, why are the replacements we're drafting guys who will take a long time to develop if they ever do develop? Why are we taking corners suited for zone to play in a man scheme? Because they're tall, and fast. A joke. Davon House would've been a much better selection as a press corner.

But, with 4 picks left and a surprising amount of good players falling, we still could've filled needs at safety and OLB, and even shored up the O-line. Herzlich was sitting there for us. Cannon was there. But we take...a running back? He's not a bad pick in terms of value as he is a good player...but RB? The ONE position we know will be absolutely solid for us in 2011? But he's fast. Oh yeah, I forgot.

And then the rest of the draft I guess was just more comedic filler, as we drafted a fast WR, a fast TE and a crappy WR to finish, completely ignoring serious needs on defense.

I guess I shouldn't expect much more, but I'm sick of speed drafts. How can somebody be so stubborn? How can somebody see SO much losing but STILL make the same fucking mistakes and draf tthe same fucking way? You say you want to win, you mock Cable when he celebrates 8-8, but then you go out and do this? Completely ignore what this football team needs to get better to fit some tired, worn out, ineffective philosophy?

Now, cue the cries of "OMGROFLHATERZGONHATE" from the sheep who ignore any intelligence or reason but instead castigate anybody who dares to speak ill of old Al. I am a Raiders fan, will always be a Raiders fan, and will root for things to work out, but I am not going to support every decision they, err, he makes when they are so blatantly and obviously misguided as these selections were. I am not going to continue to support the idea of drafting players for a track meet. This is fucking professional football, not the 100m dash at the Olympics.

I've said it before, but never meant it as much as I do now: Fuck you, Al Davis.

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