"My Very First Mock Draft, what what"


 This is my very first Mock draft. This is tough as hell though, makes you realize how hard a job a GM has. I mean, when completely hypothetical meaningless bullshit like this for me is hard to do, I can't even imagine how hard it'd be if this was for real!




2nd round Pick 48: Stefen Wisnewski C PENN ST 6'3 313lbs. There are a few different Olinemen here to choose from but the one I really wanted is Marcus Cannon. I don't think he is going to be there though. If I could do whatever I wanted with this pick, I would probably trade up and get Gabe Carimi but I don't like the idea of giving up draft picks when we are so close to where we want to be. If we were able to trade next years first to get a first this year and use it on Gabe, I would do it in a heartbeat. If that were to happen I would still pick Wiz in the 2nd. Add 2 players in the first 2 rounds that could anchor our line for the next decade would be worth the risk of not having a first next year. I like Wiz's size even though I keep hearing he is too small. His weight has been disputed a lot here on The Pride but even if he is at 297lbs, I don't believe that is too small. I think his athletic ability will translate very well to the NFL and his uncle being a Raider Great and on the staff will only help make him play better. He will be able to get to the second level well and that's what we need to have considering how punishing of run attack we have. I believe with Wiz as our Center, Satelle could move to guard and be as good as Gallery has been for us. It would help sure up our line and give us a competitive edge in the trenches.

3rd round pick 81: Davon House CB New Mexico St 6'1/2: Davon House is a guy who could come in and make an immediate impact on our defense. He is an excellent man to man corner and that is the only kind of CB that could survive playing our defense. I would not mind seeing this pick being used on Buster Skrines who SOB is dying for. Skrines had a very impressive video of highlights in SOB's earlier post and would be an excellent fit as well. I believe House might be more NFL ready than Skrines, however Skrines does add an excellent return man element. Either would be fine with me and I would not be against using this pick on Jaiquawn Jerrett. I would be fine with picking up both Jarrett and Sands, especially because I believe Sands could also be used as a corner at times. We do have to prepare as if Nnamdi is already gone though, not because I think he will be (I actually think we will be able to keep him) but because we can not risk not having a replacement for him if he does leave. House having a 4.35 40 time is very impressive to me and he would go a long way towards replacing Nnamdi if we lost him.

4th round Pick 114: Robert Sands S Virginia 6'4 217lbs : This guy is a beast. He hits harder than just about anybody in the draft and has the speed to play corner in some situations if needed. This is a major area of need that needs to be addressed, whether or not Huff leaves and I would prefer a versatile guy that could play either Safety position. I believe Sands can and I believe that he really fits the mold for building a Bully Defense. The guy can stop the run and that's what our safeties really need to improve on.

5th round Pick 148: Casey Matthews LB Oregon 6'1 231lbs: I know he has been downgraded by the experts and a lot of people think that the only reason he is up this high is the name. I think that his stock might in fact be dropping because of his brother's success. Clay did so well that people think Casey couldn't possibly be as good. He is a different player than his brother but they both have the same upbringing and same competitive desire. I believe Clay is so good because of the chip that he will always wear on his shoulder. I believe he will have that same chip on his shoulder and will want to compete against Clay out of pride. No matter what, I believe he will be successful in the NFL. In the championship game when Oregon needed a defensive play, Casey caused a fumble that kept the Ducks in the game. His in game speed is much faster than his 40 time and he has the same knack for being in the area of the ball as his brother and father did. The guy is a player, and we could use the type of energy that a guy like this brings

6th round Pick 181: Mark Herzlich 6'4 244lbs: I don't know if he will be here at this pick. He is more of a player for the future but he has such a huge upside to him that I would love to have him on this team. I believe it will still take another year before his strength and agility is back to what he is capable of. He had to face mortality at such a young age, and it effected his draft status greatly. He is a cancer survivor and a straight up fighter. You will not find a tougher LB in this class. The guy has had to show more strength than anybody in this draft and would be a class act to say the least. Exactly the type of character that we need. Incredibly tough and dedicated, while still being a good person and good community member. This guy will deserve whatever checks he receives from whatever NFL team drafts him. Hopefully, that check will have Al Davis's signature on it.

7th round Pick 220: Jordan Cameron TE USC 6'5 254lbs: He is projected as a 4/5th round pick but I think there is a decent chance he might slip farther down because he is so raw. This might be wishful thinking though.He needs to work on his blocking and route running but ran a 4.59 40 yard dash and uses his hands very well as a pass catcher. He makes sure to get his hands on the ball away from his body and could definitely be a big play threat. I believe we need to add another TE even though I do like Brandon Myers. A common opinion around this blog is that we need to run 2 TE sets more and if that becomes a staple to our offense we will need a third option if we have injury problems. I love Lance Kendricks out of WI and would really love to draft him but it would have to be in the 3rd round and that would be a pretty high draft pick. Luke Stocker is another TE option but would also have to be picked much higher. I believe this would be an excellent quality pick in the 6th round and would upgrade an important position. If he is not available then I would draft the best OL player available here.


7th round compensatory Pick 240:  Deandre Brown WR Southern Miss 6'5 238 lbs : HUGE. He had 21 TDs and 1900 yards in his first 2 years before injuries took him out of most of the year in 2010. He could have benefited greatly from a good, healthy senior season. His poor financial decision to come out early could very well be the Raiders gain. This guy with the right tutelage could really become an excellent possession WR which is exactly what the Raiders still need to add.  Since this is an extra pick given to us, I want to use it on a possible playmaker with a high reward ratio. If he becomes a solid WR, then Al looks like a genius. If not, No sweat. Cut him and be done with it. I really like this pick and he is definitely gaining some momentum from other people on this blog as well.



 I am disappointed that I did not come up with more original picks but the fact is these guys fit. A lot of what people said in the past is being regurgitated here and I sincerely apologize. I cant help it if you fuckers know your shit! GO RAIDERS!! The Draft cant come soon enough!

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