The Best Player Available

I've noticed that the nation has our needs marked in order of;






I disagree with that. I do agree that they are all needs, but besides FS they are all equal, and that's only if Huff leaves then FS is just important. There's a bit of a wildcard with the Raiders needs. Almost every need we have we have someone who has done decent or better when they got in or someone who can switch to that position.

C/G-Bruce Campbell

OLB-Trevor Scott, Quinten Groves, Travis Goethel

CB- Jeremy Ware, Stevie Brown

RT-Bruce Campbell

S- Branch, Stevie Brown, Mitchell

Offensive Line looks like it needs the most work but I am having problems seeing guys who we can get our first pick and start now. Trust in Al to find a gem in the sand with late picks. None of us had Houston on our board but it was a nice pick. Veldheer was a guy we kind of talked about but didn't think we'd get.Bruce Campbell we were praying we would not get him because we all thought we were gonna get him early in the 1st, the experts had him going either to us early or late 1st early 2nd and we snagged him in the 4th. Jacoby we thought he was coming in the 2nd and there was no way because we just drafted a useless speedster in the draft before and what happens? We get him in the fifth and in my opinion the most explosive player to come out that year.

Ok guys here's the cold hard fact. We picked the best guy available almost every pick last here. Cable said it was either gonna be Suh, McCoy, I think Haden or McClain. If Suh would have dropped to us Kelly would have been traded instead of Morrison. We got McClain who was the best guy available in Al's eyes.

If you don't think that's how we draft or try to draft then why is Kaepernick visiting with us. If Al thought Campbell was the future we would be looking at QBs but Kaepernick is one hell of an athlete who could possibly be our future.

If Kaepernick were to fall to us which isn't likely because he has to pass al the QB needed teams twice before he gets to us once, we should consider taking him.

The way I see it is Wiz from Penn State won't be there and niether will Pouncy. The good 1st to 2nd round OLBs and CBs will be gone. No safetys worthy. It comes down to RT maybe Corner. I personally want Buster he will be there later. RT is left and I want Derek Sherrod, if he were to fall that's our pick but if he doesn't then do we make a big reach for a guy? We took a reach for Mike Mitchell in the 2nd. Was safety our greatest need? No. Are we happy with Mitchell's improvement? Yes.

Get ready boys because at the end of the month we will finally have some new news with the Raiders. Love the nation.


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