Remenber The Days When Oakland Was A Major Player In The Free Agent Market ???

  I have been a Raider fan since 1967 , and for the life of me I can't remember a time Oakland was'nt a major player in the free agent market........ untill now .

 Never before have I seen Oakland try to squeak by without a top 10 receiver for years without  going and getting one . A free agent list that includes Santonio Holmes , Braylon Edwards , Sidney RIce etc ,  and Oakland isnt even pursuing a starter ? Top  receivers being shipped out for 5th , 4th , and 2nd rd picks , but were not even in the hunt ?

  The Raider front office is behaving as if they're cap  strapped in uncapped years . I used to think the problem was the cap was hindering Al , and stopping him from persuing the players we need , but when or O line is depleted , our receiving core has'nt had a true #1 since Brown left , and I have never seen Oakland without a #1 , if we aint got one Al goes and gets one .

  We've always had a monster CB tandem and now when we should be enjoying a Woodson/asomagua tandem were allowing Asomagua to leave , just like we did Woodson ? There's a reason shut down corners don't hit the open market .... because every team that doesn't have one needs one ,  you cant find them ,cuz teams don't let them out of the building , and were about to let the 2nd one go and just a matter of a few years because we cant sign them.It ain't like were spending our money on a QB .

  This team was just a couple pieces away from making a good run for two or three years ,and instead of going after the receiver we need , and the linemen we need , we are not only not going after the pieces we need , we cant keep  what we got ???

  Why is it Philly can afford a Samuels/Asomagua tandem , a Jackson/Maklin tandem can go after a top dollar LT and pay him big bucks , sign Vick to a franchise deal thats top 5 qb money , which after Manning signs could be 23 to 25 mil and still be major players in the free agent market  , but Oakland cannot even keep what we got , let alone go after the final pieces to the puzzle?

 In a cap year we could blame it on leftover money from bad deals , but we have been uncapped for a year and quite possibly the next and were not  pursuing what we need or keeping what we have .

  I thought for sure with the cap off we would see AL back to business as usual, but was sadly disappointed .With the opportunity to get everything we needed to make a run and no cap to stop us , not only are we not making a move , were not even holding the status quo .

  If AL was being AL , Boldin , Holmes , marshall , Edwards etc never get to Bal. , Mi , NY without at least having a sit downwith AL .

  So i pose this question....did Moss and Sapp   turning on Al the way they did leave him with such a bad taste in his mouth that he's out of the market for good ? Or has Al Davis gone Magoo on us and just gotten cheap ? I know he threw some money around before the lockout but failed to get Asomagua , Huff , Miller and Gallery locked up , yes i said Gallery , though Im not a Gallery fan , he has developed into a top 10 LG , and without giving up a 1st and 3rd for Mankins there is no upgrade , actually anything we do will be a downgrade .

  For god sake someone slap Al and wake him up ! If he truly wants to hold the Lombardi trophy again before he dies here is his chance ! Uncapped hello, AL ? Are you there , hello? The Raiders used to be the Yankees of football , WIN THE TROPHEY IF YOU CAN , STEAL THE TROPHEY IF YOU MUST , AND IF ALL ELSE FAILS BUY THE MOTHER FUCKER!!!!! 

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