My Potential 2011- 12 Roster and My only Concern! OT

As I go through my potential 52 man roster I see really only one glaring problem and really understand the way they drafted the way they did.  I was disappointed at first glance of the picks but quickly changed my mind after arranging this list.  I think we have some steals that play into exactly what we needed.


***********OFFENSE 25**********


QB- 3- We have a lock on two with room for one developmental
-Campbell/ Boller/ ? probably Frye or Grad this year

RB- 4- We are set (Bennet is more than likely practice squad now and i think if bush leaves Rankin fills in)

-DMC/ Bush / Jones / Cartwright (ST)

TE- 3- if Zach god forbid leaves (Ausberry, Myers, Gordon) Aus goes to WR if zack returns
- Zach/ Myers/ Gordon (pure blocking) or Ausberry (is my sleeper Z. Miller J.R.) /Myers/ Gordon

FB -1- Reese- Gotta keep him mismatch heaven

WR- 6- Lovin this group now we have size and speed and can interchange depending on he defense
-Chaz/ Murphy/ Moore/ Ford/ DHB/ N.Miller (if Zack Leaves) Ausberry if Zach stays

Chaz/ Aus bring size- Moore and murphy solid possesion and speed Ford no need to explain and DHB If he can learn to catch vertical threat

We start getting shaky here OL (resign Satale) C/G we have options.

C- 2 versatile players that could start
-Wiz/ Satale

G-2- we have about 4 players we think can fill these spots
-Loper/ Campbell/ Wiz/ Satele

T - 4 - probably the biggest problem no depth (Need 2 Free Agents please Gaither or Light & Walker or Barnes)
backups (Henderson/ Walker/ Barnes may not be returning)

-Veldheer/ Barksdale/ ?/ Maybe Campbell (idk)

**************************DEFENSE 24******************************

DL is beautiful

DE-4- Houston/ Shaugassy/ Scott/ Moss

DT- 4- Seymour/ Kelly/ Bryant/ Henderson

I'm not concerned about our LBs. Health was a problem with DT and inexperience, both in the NFL and our system for the LBs.  if herzlich can come in UDFA and beat out Brown I would be happy

SLB-2- Wimbley/ Groves

MLB- 2- McClain/ probably bring back Brown (rather free up space for Herzlich)

WLB- 2- Goethel/ Howard

If we use a 3-4 occasionally
SLB- Wimbley
Middle- McClain and geothel
WLB- Howard

SS- 2- Mitchell/ Branch (whichever one steps up)

FS- 3- Don't think huff returns (This all rests in the hands of Rod Woodson and how good a coach he can be I think DVD could fill in good if coached and a little bulk has the speed and range)
- DVD or Chikwa/ Brown/ Eugene (ST)

Outside CB- 3- Hopefully return of the Awesome 1 (if no return look for a starting FS- Sharper or CB- Aquib might be released in FA) / Routt/ Johnson/ (these 2 cannot play nickle or dime)

NCB- 2- Chikwa or DVD/ Ware (all perfect for nickle and dime)

ST-3 - Condo/ Jano/ Lechler

GO RAIDERS!!!!!! Good Playoff Run 2011-12 &  Superbowl 2012-13

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