Oakland Raiders Will Make You Rich with Their New Odds to Win the Super Bowl

In the sports book in my head the Oakland Raiders are a solid 1-3 favorite to win the next Super Bowl. Bodog sports has a slightly different view. They released odds on various things NFL football, 2011 version. I did not see the odds on there actually being 2011 NFL season, but they did release the Super Bowl odds and rookie related odds.

None of the Raiders rookies figure into any of their betting lines, which is going to make them look pretty silly when Stefen Wisniewski and DeMarcus Van Dyke win offensive and defensive rookie of the year. They did release the odds on the next Super Bowl winner. Seeing as how free agents have yet to be signed that is some murky territory.

And good news for all of us—they place the Raiders at 40-1. That is going to be some good, easy money. The 40-1 puts them as the 19th favorite. They are tied with their bay area partners the 49ers and their former L.A. partners, the Rams. The Chiefs are directly in front of the Raiders at 35-1.

I think the Raiders and Chiefs deserve to be a little higher up the rankings, but I can't say any of these odds are too surprising. Public perception on these two young and improving ball clubs still lags a little behind the reality.

What is surprising is that the Chargers are the fourth favorite at 12-1. They haven't posted the odds not to win the Super Bowl, which is too bad, because as the fourth favorite I would be willing to bet my family or something I care about like my Raiders memorabilia collection on the Chargers. Talk about easy money! See the full odds after the jump....

Odds to win the 2012 Super Bowl XLVI (as of 5/4/2011)

Green Bay Packers                    7/1

New England Patriots                 7/1

Pittsburgh Steelers                    11/1

San Diego Chargers                   12/1

Baltimore Ravens                       14/1

New York Jets                           14/1

New Orleans Saints                   16/1

Indianapolis Colts                       16/1

Atlanta Falcons                         16/1

Philadelphia Eagles                    16/1

Dallas Cowboys                         16/1

New York Giants                        18/1

Chicago Bears                           25/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers             30/1

Minnesota Vikings                     35/1

Detroit Lions                              35/1

Houston Texans                         35/1

Kansas City Chiefs                    35/1

Oakland Raiders                        40/1

San Francisco 49ers                  40/1

St. Louis Rams                          40/1

Miami Dolphins                          50/1

Tennessee Titans                       50/1

Washington Redskins                50/1

Cincinnati Bengals                     60/1

Denver Broncos                         60/1

Cleveland Browns                       65/1

Jacksonville Jaguars                   65/1

Arizona Cardinals                       75/1

Seattle Seahawks                      80/1

Buffalo Bills                               100/1

Carolina Panthers                      100/1

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