Darrius Heyward-Bey by the Numbers

Yesterday I posted an interesting piece (based on my biased opinion) on Darren McFadden and some interesting trends that have come up during his short three-year (38 game) career.  Today I wanted to look at Heyward-Bey or DHB as we call him. 

Keep in mind that DHB has played in 26 of 32 possible league games during his two year career.

The biggest question is who hasn't DHB struggled against?  He struggles to get open against man or zone coverage and drops way too many passes. With this in mind, jump over and see why it is hard to make DHB look good....



  • DHB performs better against NFC teams with 19 receptions against the NFC versus just 16 against AFC teams.  Both stats stink! 
  • Both of DHB's career touchdowns have come against NFC teams (Cowboys and Seahawks).  100% of his career totals.
  • 11 of his 35 career receptions have come in two games against the Rams and the Seahwawks. That is 31% of his career totals.
  • DHB has just 490 yards receiving in two years...he stinks! Here comes the Rams and the Seahawks again.  185 of his career receiving yards have come against St. Louis and Seattle. 37.7%!!!  Likewise if I throw in the 49 yards he logged against the Cardinals this year 47% of his career receiving totals have come in just three games! 
  • In three games versus the Eagles, Bengals and Dolphins DHB has 2 receptions for 18 yards TOTAL!

Vs the AFC West

  • DHB has appeared in 6 of 8 possible games versus the AFC West....take a guess at his receiving totals.  Yes they are not good.
  • Denver 1 game 1 reception for 20 yards
  • San Diego 2 games 1 reception for 10 yards
  • Kansas City 3 games 2 receptions for 40 yards
  • That is 6 games 4 receptions for 70 yards and did I mention DHB has ZERO touchdowns against the Raiders AFC West rivals!  Face it he stinks!

Situation Breakdown

  • In Raider losses DHB has 21 receptions and in Raider wins during his career he has 14 receptions.  Pro Football lists the Raiders with  8-12 record with DHB starting.
  • DHB is an early starter.  In September and October he has logged 23 receptions (65% of his career totals) for 330 yards (67% of his career totals) and one touchdown.
  • In November and December combined he has just 12 receptions (34% of his career totals) for 160 yards and one touchdown.  Just 32% of his career yardage comes in November and December games.

Putting this together it has difficult to make anything in DHB's short career to look good.  Likewise it is difficult to project and future numbers for him.  Comparing him to Tim Brown or Cliff Branch is unfair in this case because DHB's numbers are so low.  I might mention though that Brown logged 43 receptions in his rookie season alone.  DHB has just 35 in two seasons!

Jacoby Ford has amassed in just one season 25 receptions for 470 yards and 2 touchdowns.  So in just one year Ford has tied DHB for touchdowns, He has acquired nearly 96% of DHB's career receiving yardage totals and he has done all of this on just 25 receptions (compared to DHB's 35).  Now Ford might turn out to be a bust too but so far Ford has clearly outplayed DHB not to mention Ford's return stats and his impact on some big Raider wins last year.  Furthermore, DHB is a 1st round draft pick...Jacoby Ford is a 4th round pick.

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