So Sick of All the Outdated Raider Jokes

Seriously, enough already of all these stupid Raider jokes. Adam Rank and Doug Farrar, among others, are so obsessed with these stupid, outdated, annoying, and insulting Raider Jokes. I'm sure that we all agree that they have gone on too long. What really irks me though is that even now, they continue. Come on people! Get real! It is obvious that we are moving forward and are a lot closer to our successful teams of the past, than we are to the laughing stock we had become. I am just plain sick of it. It is unreal to me that even when we go 8-8 that these jokes persist. I know we did not get to the playoffs, but it is certainly not a season to laugh about.

We all know that Jay Leno and other late night comedians have been using jokes about us for a long time. It is now just plain lazy. I can forgive a comedian for making a lazy Raider joke more than I can forgive a sportswriter though. I was reading an article on by Adam Rank  (who gets such meaningless articles all the time that I really can't stand him making these jokes) about Maurice Jones-Drew and his LA ties and his love of Jacksonville. MJD says that he was a Raiders fan when he was growing up in LA.  He then gives his opinion that the Los Angeles Rams sound a whole lot better than the Los Angeles Raiders. He says that the Raiders gave LA a chance once but that it just sounds better as the Oakland Raiders. I think most of us agree that is a fact. Jump over....

Well, MJD also says that you could probably name the team anything, include the Los Angeles Pooper Scoopers, as long as there was a team with Los Angeles in the title again. Well this predictably leads to a joke by Adam Rank:

       "Of course, it should be noted that the Los Angeles Pooper Scoopers -- then known as the Raiders -- already played in Los Angeles. But I digress."

Ha Ha, that is so freakin' funny.  It is just plain lazy and offensive. It did not even make sense since we did have a number of decent years in LA. These type of jokes never seem to end! It is just ridiculous. These assholes think they are so witty. Its pathetic. Get some new material Jackass. The maturity level is right up there with my 10 year old cousin, and that is being kind. If you want to read the article here is the link. The rest of the article does not include any Raider jokes but the whole thing is mostly fluff. The air of superiority over Raider fans shown by so many sportswriters is just plain wrong. Since all of us are Thugs and horrible people according to them, I guess they just feel that we are too stupid to complain. Or that our complaints are not valid because we are Raider fans.

Then, of course,  there is Doug Farrar of the Shutdown Corner on Yahoo! who uses these Raiders jokes. one of his that I found was on the Coliseum being named Coliseum:

  "Overstock boasts that it offers "a wide variety of high-quality, brand-name merchandise at discount prices." That's a good fit with the Raiders, who offer a wide variety of low-quality play at high-end prices. "

Yeah low quality play, that is why we swept our division and had the number 2 ranked run offense. I mean seriously, that joke does not even make sense either. In the same article he says the most offensive Raider fan joke I have ever read. Seriously, every single person on this site should be offended about this one:

     "The whole naming deal may be a gross miscalculation by, as it presupposes that Raiders fans know how to use the Internet and/or have a credit card. (Kidding. The biggest obstacle will be getting past the prison's web filters.)"

I had included this article in a previous post of mine and we called him all sorts of names already. That should not preclude us from doing so again, though! I mean seriously, what a jerk. That is so offensive, I don't even know where to start. The whole notion that we are all just a bunch of idiot thugs is old and annoying, too. We have been one of the top merchandise selling teams in the NFL for years. We are everywhere and we are all different kinds of people. Every team has gang bangers that are fans, so what?! That does not mean we all are horrible people, and even some of those misguided youths that they are speaking of could be good people if given the opportunity.

How about writing an article about how proud of fans we are, and about the personal connections that we make on the sole basis of being Raider fans. How about giving us the tiniest bit of respect now. I am sick of this shit and I am sure you guys are too. We will have to just bare it for awhile longer yet, but we will be respected again. We will be winning again. Raider Nation is proud of where we are, and despite the nations sport writers attempts to keep us in the cellar, we are moving forward. Hue Jackson will stand for nothing less than winning. Pretty soon the laughing stock will be these people that continue to use exasperated washed up material. It is one thing to make fun of us when we are in the cellar (I still hated it but had no rebuttals), but to continue to do so after we were not even in the bottom half of the league this past year is inexcusable.

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