Pirate Booty: Al Davis and Frank Sinatra Separated at Birth, Terrelle Pryor and the Raiders Cont. and More

It is another meager bounty of booty today. I am really choosing to believe this is the calm before the storm. Of course, I guess it is more a case of the calm before the speculated storm. There is still plenty of time for the lockout talks to go awry.

Still, we got a couple of really good Raider reads today. Including a very insightful piece on Al Davis. So, happy weekend, and read on....

Raiders Grab Bag O' Booty

I loved this article. Al Davis is the man.

Snapp: Al Davis keeps his Raider family close - ContraCostaTimes.com
When the Oakland Tribune's longtime sports editor, Bob Valli, retired in 1993, a bunch of us who worked at the paper decided to throw him a retirement party. We asked him to tell us whom to invite, and the first name on his list was Al Davis. "Come on, Bob!" I said. "He'll never come! Everybody knows he's a recluse." "He'll come," Bob said. "You'll see." And, of course, Bob was right. Davis was the first person to arrive that night and the last to leave.

Jerry McDonald is on the Terrell Pryor bandwagon. I am even less on it than I was. Given the possible tight cap situations the Raiders don't need to spend money on a project draft pick. There is no doubt his physical skill set is mouth watering, but it is a luxury the Raiders can't afford.

After Gruden treatment, still like Pryor as Raider - Inside the Oakland Raiders
You don’t take an athlete like Pryor and pigeonhole him into a single role or position. This is a unique guy in terms of skill set, and coaching, as Hue Jackson has said several times in various interviews this offseason, is putting players in position to make plays.

To say the below article is mediocre would be far too kind. All I can say is it is about the Raiders.

Oakland Raiders to do list
While they like their one two combo at running back, Michael Bush is a free agent and they could use a third option in case of injury. 2011 fourth round pick Taiwan Jones may be that guy, but they may also look to add a veteran. They also need to resign TE Zach Miller who made the Pro Bowl last year in a contract year. He is an important part of the Raider offense. The offense also has free agency issues along the O line, and they could stand to get younger there as well. Joseph Barksdale, a 2011 third round pick, will help but more work is needed.

Does Jonathan Joseph's age make him a better free agent corner opting than Nnamdi?

Joseph might be best free-agent CB option - CBSSports.com
It's easy to forget that the Bengals actually have playmakers, what with all the off-field distractions, but Joseph, the team's first-round pick in 2006, has quietly become one of the league's best young cornerbacks. Under the terms of the old collective bargaining agreement, Joseph would be a restricted free agent in 2011 (and in March the Bengals gave him the highest restricted tender just in case). But it now looks like he'll be free to sell his talents to the highest bidder once a new CBA is reached.

This might be a more valid argument if Joseph had Nnam's professionalism. But as it is I am going to say that is a big negative.

The Oakland Raiders Chose Richard Seymour Over Nnamdi Asomugha - Silver And Black Pride

What Should Be the Raiders First Priority When Business Resumes? - Silver And Black Pride

Around the Lockout

I'll probably get back to the looking at the AFC West next week, but with there is as little about the teams battling for second in the AFC West as their is the Raiders.

The possibility that the lockout could end next week seems very real:

NFL Lockout: Pinning End of the Lockout Hopes on Next Week - Silver And Black Pride

Of course, there is always time for things to get derailed.

Can Thursday’s progress survive the weekend? | ProFootballTalk
It could be easier said than done, especially since the owners and key players reportedly won’t return until Thursday of next week. That leaves Tuesday and Wednesday for recent progress potentially to be undone. Not to mention Saturday, Sunday, and Monday for feet to get cold again.

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