DENARIUS MOORE (Diamond in the Rough)

In the clip below, you will get a good look at why we drafted (WR) Denarius Moore with the 148th pick in the draft this year. Moore ran a 4.37 40 yard dash at the NFL Combine, becoming the latest speedster added to our arsenal of deep threat's. If you don't get a good jam on him at the line of scrimmage then chances are he will run right by you, but with that being said, his speed and how he uses it is deceptive to say the least. He is not the fastest wideout you'll see but he knows how to get open, and create separation between him & his defender. Early on in the clip, a few things become obvious when watching him out there on the field. 1.) Is his route running 2.) He attack's the ball wherever it is thrown (using his hands), so if he drops it, it won't be because it bounced off of his chest or shoulder pads 3.) His Awareness is good 4.) His Concentration is good, 5.) His overall play-making ability is good. 6.) His ability to run after the catch is good (YAC) If you know & can recognize talent then it is easy to see this was a complete steal for us (maybe even a potential starter?). Every time i watch Denarius play i understand less & less how he lasted to the fifth round & more and more why we drafted him. Yeah, he may be another track guy, but from a football perspective, Denarius is a more (no pun intended) polished receiver than Jacoby was coming out of college last year, besides i think we all can remember the immediate impact "Mr. Ford" had for us in his rookie season - Moon ) Man

The Raiders fifth round pick out of Tennessee, is adjusting to practicing at the next level. "Second day in pads felt kind of good, adjusting to the speed, because things out here are much faster. I just have to get down the concepts and learn the offense. I have to get used to learning my plays a little faster before I line up and to be fast enough so I can get the ball in my hands because the defensive line is almost as quick." - (via







Raiders coach Hue Jackson says "wow" a lot, and he knows that we know he says "wow" a lot. So, for Jackson to drop the w-word on Day 8 of training camp, you better know that he means it.

And the way rookie receiver Denarius Moore dominated No. 1 cornerback Stanford Routt on Wednesday at practice in Napa, he probably deserved two w-words.

"Wow! He's a tremendous young player," Jackson said. "I mean when you look around, every time you look up, there's No. 17 making a play."

Moore, a fifth-round pick out of Tennessee, beat Routt deep, on a slant pattern and on a curl. On the slant, he caught the ball with his outstretched hands, and he showed off the hands when he went up later for another catch.

"Denarius Moore is like another Jacoby," quarterback Jason Campbell said, comparing him to last year's breakout rookie receiver Jacoby Ford. "He's like one of those guys that you pick up late in the draft, and you wonder, how did this guy fall? He's so talented, he's so athletic.

"When you see Jacoby, it's kind of like you have to do a double-glimpse, make sure it's him or 17. The guy's playing hard. He runs hard in practice, he has that factor. Some things you just can't coach, he has about him. He's a guy that can add a lot to our offense this year."

Some scouts had the 6-foot, 195-pound Moore pegged as a sleeper, and pointed to 981 yards and nine touchdowns last year despite less-than-great quarterbacks at Tennessee.

Well, wake up everybody. On an otherwise blah day that even Jackson admitted was "not a typical Raiders practice," the only things everybody was talking about were Moore's catches during practice and free-agent tight end Kevin Boss' workout afterward.

Moore is a very humble, low-key player who calls everybody "sir" and, when pressed, admitted that he "had a productive day" on Wednesday. "I got better," he added.

Raiders fans should sit down for the next one. Given the lack of numbers put up by receivers wearing the Silver and Black recently, Moore's modest goals may be a little shocking.

"To get on the field, make a couple plays, I'd say five catches a game, hopefully," Moore said.

Eighty catches. Not bad. The last time a receiver had that many was 2002, when Jerry Rice had 92.

"I have seen it from day one," Jackson said. "There is no question. No. 17 is a playmaker. That's why we drafted him. We draft good players. He is making plays the way I expected him to make plays."

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