Bengals should trade Carson Palmer. Jamele Hill thinks I only have this opinion because Carson is white.

          I don't know if you guys have heard about Carson Palmer threatening to retire rather than play for the Bengals. It's not like it is ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE!!  I am personally on Carson Palmer's side of this one. He has given plenty to that organization just to be rewarded with drama and thugs as teammates. I can see the other side of the argument though, that he quit on his teammates. To me this really reminds me of Barry Sanders situation with Detroit. Now, I'm not saying Palmer is as quality of a player as the great Barry Sanders, but I am saying that Detroit refused to trade Barry and made him retire instead of give in to him. It looks like that is exactly what Mike Brown, the owner and president of the Cincinnati Bengals, is going to do.

"Carson signed a contract. He made a commitment. He gave his word. We relied on his word. We relied on his commitment. We expected him to perform here. He's going to walk away from his commitment. We aren't going to reward him for doing it." --Mike Brown

Now I understand that Brown is upset with Palmer, but doesn't this all seem personal instead of business? On Mike and Mike in the Morning, Mike Golic made a great point. How come it is so despicable of Palmer in Brown's mind to want out? Brown along with every other team make the decision to cut players all the time before their contracts are up. He makes commitments to players and takes that commitment back every single season. It is business, not personal. Somebody needs to get through to Brown that he is hurting his team more than helping them here. Good thing I am not the least bit of a fan of the Bengals. To me this seems really hypocritical of Brown, and also a horrible business decision.

This is a QB needy league and he has a player that he can get something for. Trade him and make your team better. Do you think other free agents are going to want to sign with the Bengals when you keep doing this to them? Boomer Esiason, Corey Dillon, Ocho Cinco among others have all had this type of treatment from Brown. Sometimes you have to give in to a player for the best of the team. Making players stay and be unhappy and unproductive for you does not win games. That is why the Bengals have been good for one or two seasons in my entire life. Morale is a major factor to winning, and Brown does not care about the morale of the players on his team. At least that is how it looks to me from the outside.

Now I am not saying that as soon as a player is upset and wants out then send them on their way. You can do everything you can to change their mind, but if it gets to the point where the player is literally going to retire instead of play then its time to move on. Palmer is way too valuable to let just quit and not get anything for him. Brown has already shown plenty of times that he doesn't give in to players easily, It would not hurt that image to trade Palmer now.

On 1st and 10, another ESPN show, they brought up a Tweet from Arizona kicker Jay Feely:

"Just a thought: if an African American receiver were doing same thing as Carson Palmer would there be so many people defending his actions"


Now that is an interesting thought. I do agree that there is a double standard plenty of times when it comes to the color of the athlete's skin. However, in this situation I don't believe it has anything to do with Race for why the fans generally agree with Palmer. I know it has absolutely nothing to do with my own opinion. Jamele Hill from the Detroit Press brought up Randy Moss with the Raiders as a point of argument for race being a factor. He wanted out because we were so bad at the time, and apparently because he was black we vilified him. It would be a similar situation if Moss had ever cared to try at all for us. He was vilified because he was an egocentric Diva who never tried at his top level for us. The two are completely unrelated. Moss did not quit on us, he never played for us. He was never willing to play his hardest and he never even tried to embrace the team or the fans. Oh but that should be so lovable, right? I forget sometimes that all of our opinions are based off of Race. Apparently, if you are white and disagree with what a black player is doing, then your racist.

Carson Palmer gave his entire career to a horrible franchise and has finally had enough. I believe that even if he was black people would understand how he is feeling. He has played as hard as he could every time he was on the field for the Bengals. Now he has had enough. Wouldn't you want to leave too after everything that has gone on the past decade in Cinci? Moss and Palmer are not the same situation at all. Hill thinks that Brown is correct because Carson quit on his team and feels that he should be vilified. Why? Hasn't she ever quit a job? Sometimes it gets to the point where enough is enough, no matter how much you like your coworkers. Carson needs a fresh start somewhere and has given enough to the Bengals. Moss never gave anything of himself to the Raiders. Don't try and compare the two situations just because their skin is a different color.

Hill also brings up Lebron James and how he left in the same argument. Come on! You can not really believe the anger that people felt towards Lebron had anything to do with Race! He left in the most unfathomable way ever. You couldn't even imagine a player leaving his home town in the way that he did. He promised a championship to the success starved fans of Cleveland and would probably have been able to succeed for them if he stayed. Instead he "Took his talents to South Beach" and burned every bridge in Cleveland in the process. That is not because of his race, it was because of the love that the community had for him and the amount of money lost to an already struggling community. When he left Hundreds of millions of dollars left Cleveland with him. That would piss off anybody, even if Lebron had been white! Lebron had the right to leave, but America had the right to hate him for it!

When Barry Sanders retired instead of playing with the Lions he was not vilified. He was respected for deciding to retire before he broke major records because he had no desire to play for the Lions anymore. If a player gets to the point where they would rather retire all together instead of play for that team, then they should be traded. They have been pushed to the absolute brink and the love of the game has been taken from them. Black or white, if you are to that point then you should be able to move on. It would be a win/win for Cinci to trade Carson anyway!

It isn't just that Carson wants off the team, he wants out of the entire city all together. Do you really think the fans haven't noticed? Do you believe that they are going to embrace him if he comes back? I don't. You drafted Andy Dalton and are prepared to move forward without Palmer, so do it. Don't hold Palmer hostage just out of spite. Make the correct business decision and trade him to better your team. You can always trade him to a worse organization out of spite. Oh wait, as long as you have Mike Brown making your decisions then there probably wont be a worse team out there!

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