An Amusing Little Anecdote For Y'All.

So today I had my first seminar with our new tutor, which was difficult for me because I had to present. I had whipped up a PowerPoint with an amusing little interlude featuring a rap battle between Frederich Hayek and John Maynard Keynes (the economically minded can check it out here) but given that I did the whole 10 minute presentation in about 20 minutes before, in another lecture, while browsing SBP/ESPN/footy site/Ultimate Guitar, I wasn't that optimistic.

(Kids, this is why procrastination is bad. I had four days to work on it. Also, they couldn't have let the lockout go for just a few more days? Really? Just so I could get my work done without the massive distraction that is this year's free agency mosh?)

Anyway, as it turns out our tutor was a Seppo. And I had chosen today to wear my newly-purchased Jason Campbell jersey. Since he was an older guy, I was hoping he was either a member of the Nation (a long shot) or didn't care about football (more likely) because otherwise he'd probably be rubbed the wrong way.

Turns out he was a Patriots fan.

Oops. Bad fashion choice by me.

After I finished my 10 minutes of bullshit, he told me that it was a six out of 10 on it's merits, but he'd liked the fact that I was the first to volunteer all semester so he'd give me two extra marks. On one condition.

I had to explain to the whole class just how the Tuck Rule was called right.

It was an easy decision. I told him where he could shove his extra marks.

Of course, it wasn't the wisest scholastic decision I ever made - but at least I can hold my head up high knowing that I didn't compromise my beliefs.

Thoughts on the rest of the Raider day:

- Glad to see that we've got a bunch of our rookies signed up - I believe we only have Joe B and Wiz to go. Joe's in Oakland right now working out the finer details so he should be officially a Raider within a day or so, and the odds of Wiz holding out are comparable to me looking up and seeing a naked Brooklyn Decker walk through my doorway.
*looks up* Nope, she's not there. So Wiz will officially be ours soon enough.

- It appears that Al's FA plan is to get all our small potatoes guys (Moss, Condo) locked up quickly before focusing on the big targets - Zach and Nnamdi. I believe Zach will return unless he gets a ridiculous offer from another team (don't see it happening - I've always gotten the feeling that he's pretty underrated around the league except by us) but I'm coming round to the fact that Nnamdi's probably gone. The fact that we're publicly going after Nine-Kids Cromartie tells me enough, unless my theory that we need to meet our quota of illegitimate kids is true (in which case, I think we need to order all our current guys to swear off condom use). I hope that this strategy doesn't backfire, but I don't question the big man on principle.

- Not really Raider related, but I'm going on a trip up to Brisbane with some mates tomorrow for a rugby game. Among the clothes I'm packing is my #11 Jano jersey, and indeed I'll probably wear it when we go out drinking after. (Oldest soccer hooligan trick - while we're not quite soccer hooligans things can get a little dangerous when the boys get on the piss). Win or lose, there's probably gonna be a riot after - so if y'all see on CNN or whatever that the city of Brisbane is burning in riots started by crazed footy fans, keep an eye out for me and tell the kids that that guy in the Raider #11 posts on SBP. At the very least, my idiot brother in law (discussed here) is coming, so he'll probably get beat up as the night goes on.

Gotta finish packing now. Screwfish out.

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