Raiders - Madden 12

In Madden 11, myself and many other Raider fans were victims of being called “Cheap”!  Yes, the hardcore Madden players all around the world have always had problems playing against the Raiders, especially in Madden 11.  I’d be rich right now if I had a nickel for how many times I’ve tried to play against someone and they see I have a positive record and the Raiders is my team, they AUTOMATICALLY quit the matchup screen…..or you’ll see people in the lobbies saying “Looking for a ranked game.  No Raiders!” Why did a lot of hardcore Madden players decline to play against the Raiders?  We have SPEED on both sides of the ball and we can play man! (why are they so surprised of this, this is how we are in real life…)  With Jacoby, Louis, Chaz, Higgins and even DHB……we had a lot of speed.  Even Zach Miller was 80+ speed and Marcel Reese 80+ speed, thus making it hard for people to stop all our speedy weapons (just like it will be this year for us). 

On defense, as well, we were fast….all of our corners were 90+ speed and above 80 in man coverage (plus we had Nnamdi), thus making it hard to pass on us in Madden (and in real life…)

Special Teams, we have Jacoby Ford, which increased our chances to score on special teams more (and in real life….)

So factor in all those points and that seems to be the reason why people hate to play the Raiders in Madden.  I had to just deal with it and play with teams like the Colts, Falcons, Chiefs (hurts me to play with the chiefs but they are fun in madden), Titans or the Bears……But no, we couldn’t play with our Raiders because we’re too “Cheap”!

Madden 12 is being released in a week and I’m starting to believe that we will not be considered a “Cheap” team anymore.  We’re still fast on offense (minus Zach with the updates), that hasn’t changed and it never will….players are going to just have to deal with that.  We lost Nnamdi (at least when the updates come he will be gone), so people will be able to pass on us better.  Also with the change in the kickoff game being closer now, we should be able to return less than we could in the past (at least players will think that).  I just wanted to post this to express my frustrations that myself and im sure many others part of the Raider nation have been dealing with in Madden and I’m hoping it changes this year.

Here is a link to our Madden Roster this year. ( is DHB our strongest WR??)

What do you guys think?

P.S.  My xbox gamertag is Finizzle

Please feel free to add.  When we’re all settled into the game we should try to setup a franchise league for fun!

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