Review of Raiders/Cards Preseason Game.

I had planned to watch the game a couple of times yesterday and write up a review in the night, but fate intervened when my dad called and reminded me that I had to go to my cousin's 13th party. So I had to wait till the next day and let the loss sink in before watching again and giving my verdict.

All opinions are mine, and they are all right.

- When our starters were on the field, they outplayed the Zona starters in every way possible. Even our second string defense did a passable job against their starters for a while, save a few examples which I'll touch on later.
- Our passing game looked really solid no matter who was in at QB. Jason was solid as ever and made a couple of nice throws, Trent looked the goods in his half of play and even Boller held his own. At this stage, I'd have a depth chart of Campbell/Edwards/Boller.
- I was disappointed that Dick Hands didn't get more reps, because he actually looked solid in his time on the field. He made two catches (not that easy ones either) and showed that his route running has improved (even if now you'd say he's mediocre instead of terrible, it's a start). As I've said before, I like the kid and he clearly gives a crap and works hard. Let's hope it's beginning to pay off.
- Save one silly drop by DeMo (my bad nickname for Moore), our rookie pass catchers both showed good signs. I loved Ausberry's TD catch in particular.
- Except when Khalif Barnes was giving away penalties, I didn't hear much about our O-Line which proves the old adage correct that the less you hear about linemen the better. I expect Joe B to be our starting RT come the regular season anyway, assuming he doesn't fold against a better rush than the Cards.
- Our D-line is still beastly. If only we stopped giving away the big plays. Loved our goal-line D though. That's called being a bully.
- Groves continued to struggle at weakside linebacker while Goethel was solid when he was in at both MLB and WLB. Assuming we don't sign Tatupu (I hope we do, because our LB depth is pretty weak) he has to be the starter at Will come the regular season.
- We all saw DVD's struggles, but really I'm not too worried. Larry Fitzgerald can make any corner look bad on their day. DVD is still a project and I don't want to see him taking too many defensive snaps this year, but he's got talent worth pursuing. He made a nice tackle in the last quarter in particular and he stuck with Fitz most of the time (particularly the first catch, which was a freak helmet reception). So I'm not too worried about him.
- I'm more worried about Walter McFadden and Jeremy Ware, both of whom struggled and looked terrible throughout the game. McFadden especially - when he wasn't giving up long receptions he was giving away PI penalties. The fact that the Cards QB who wasn't Kevin Kolb was having his way with him says it all. I would cut his ass and replace him with...
- Sterling Moore, who showed he can make plays (against a second string offense, but still) and tackled nicely. This kid has to be worth keeping around post-TC.
- When scientists attempted to clone Chuck Norris using DNA from his legs, they wound up with Sebastian Janikowski. That is all.

Screwfish out.

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