If there was a perfect world with no injuries....

This would be my starting lineup. I am putting the best players in my mind that can greatly increase our chances of winning.I will give my personal opinion on why i chose them. Feel free to let me know who you would play and why?

QB-JASON CAMPBELL-With some stability, he will prove why he can be a great QB.

RB-DARREN MCFADDEN-Coming off his best season, look for him to make a statement as the best running back in the NFL.

FB-MARCELL REECE-Dynamic player. Can see him bailing out JC several times.

WR-CHAZ SCHILENS-Has the potential to be a number 1 receiver. Think this is his year, if healthy.

LT-JARED VELDEHEER-Look for him to really solidiy this position.

LG-DANIEL LOPER-Did good versus San Diego. Really wants to be a starter. I think he can and will work hard.

C-SAMSON SATELE-Wins the starting position. Experience to lead the line. Becomes a great center with Uncle W coaching him up. Saw in the preseasoner against AZ. He was playing all out.

RG-STEFAN WISNIEWSKI-Great kid. Looking for his calling. He finds it in the right side.

RT-BRUCE CAMPBELL-Finally Al Davis sees his project on the field. He shows that he can dominate and show the world they shouldnt have passed on him.


WR-JACOBY FORD-To keep him off the field would be an insult to him. He becomes our leading receiver.



CB-STANFORD ROUTT-Not Nnamdi, but he holds his own and justifies why Al paid him so much.

DE-MATT SHAUGNESSY-Stand out defensive player. Leads the league in sacks. Mark my word.

DT-RICHARD SEYMOUR-Shows what it truly means to be a Raider leader.

DT-TOMMY KELLY-Leads the team in sacks with 11.

DE-LAMAR HOUSTON-Becomes a threat to anyone on the offensive side of the line. Expect him to make key plays.

CB-CHRIS JOHNSON-Had a down year. Bounces back and really shows he can be counted on when it counts.

OLB-KAMERON WIMBLEY-Look for him to show that last season was just a warm up.

MLB-ROLANDO MCCLAIN-Becomes a vocal leader. Really starts to show some of that Ray Lewis presence when runners try to run on him.

OLB-TRAVIS GOETHEL-See great potential, needs to remain healthy.

FS-MICHAEL HUFF-With Rod Woodson the sky is the limit. Came off his best year.

SS-TYVON BRANCH- Led the team in tackles.Had an off year, but he will bounce back.

Feel free to critique any selections. I think there was a reason why Al Davis kept so many players. Unfortunately we couldnt keep all but we move on now. Like Hue says, Next Man Up!!

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