AFC WEST Dominatation!!!

The Oakland Raiders sweeped the AFC West last year and the odds are against them, but is it really going out on a limb to say they will do it again. The raiders are still not being taken seriously, people want to crown the Chargers saying they will pick up right where they left off after a down year and sit a top the top of the AFC West.

People not closely observing the raiders saw last year as a fluke season, and as Coach Jackson says "the time is now". The time is now to prove all the raider haters wrong. To prove we are back and ready to become a force to be reckoned with. This is the time that the raiders step into the spotlight. No longer will we be the butt end of jokes after this season.


In both preseason games they have been manhandled on the offensive side of the ball against the tampa bay bucs and the baltimore ravens. Now the chiefs 1st teamers have not scored a point in two preseason games(they scored 3 in ravens game but it was due to a special teams fumble on ravens)

I have watched film on the Chiefs without my bias so i can really evaluate them and they look horrible on offense. They are having troubles along the offensive line, and Cassel has not looked very comfortable, he is forcing throws and they haven't been throwing the ball so much, this shows how little faith they have on cassel to carry this team as he was barely a factor in any games last season. The chiefs have become very predictable and with the struggles on the offensive line they will really struggle both running and passing, and they no longer look like a team even capable of competing in the afc west as this a division requiring a need of a very physical team and this is good news for the raiders. And they do not have confidence in line when picking up Gaither a guy who failed his physical and at least a year away from being back to 100%.



Why am i talking about patriots in this post about AFC West. In two preseason games the patriots have Dominatated the preseason and if u watched the 1st half of Bucs V. Pats you know what i'm talking about and they look to be the class of the AFC. The raiders play the Pats on October 4th of the regular season and it is a game i will be attending. The patriots will be heavily favored and im ready to see what the Raiders can do against a really good team. If they win convincingly, there will be those who call it a fluke but, i dont think after a win like that i would be going out on a limb saying they will should be a lock into the playoffs and in contention for the super bowl.

Well here's to another season of Raider Football I hope, no i know it will be a good one because i'm tired after a disappointing season having to say "Next Year" because THE TIME IS NOW.


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