Raiders; What are we doing?

Oakland Raiders; What are we doing?

We are suppose to be the best show on dirt. Eagles may be the "Dream Team" but Hue Jackson had me thinking we were gonna be the Mean Team. Sorry. Not after that showing.

We could have have the best secondary coaches in the world and still DVD, and Mcfadden couldn't cover a receiver.

1st string Defensive line; What are we doing?Tommy Kelly was getting tossed around from athlete to athlete like Kim Kardashian. Btw she got married. Lamar Odom was at the wedding wondering why no one told him he married the wrong Kardashian.

Speaking of wrong, is it me or do we have two DEs starting at OLB? In a 4-3? Pretty sure we do because the way Groves and Wimbly cover. Wimbly makes attempts and fails with a pass interference call and well Groves looks like someone shut the lights off a he's feeling the wall all slowly to find the switch. Seriously though, These two make McFadden look like a shutdown.

Speaking of shutdown, How about that Miami football? POWPOW

Jason Campbell; What are we doing? Scrambling for a one yard gain when you had the Boss open in the endzone? When I say Boss I don't mean Al Davis I mean Kevin Boss. If you seen him on twitter his girl pretty much rules his life. Kind of like Brandon Marshall except you know without the knife.

Back to the Linebackers.  What are we doing? Other then McClain we look weak. Wimbly is the highest 3rd down player in the league. Groves is one player on this team I just don't like. Goethel should start and even if he doesn't do great he will learn. Bring Lofa in for a veteran role. Or I know. Didn't we used to have a linebacker that was a great player for us just would of been a better OLB? No? Okay just making sure.

Offensive Line; What are we doing? Letting our starting Quarterback get hurt in the 2nd preseason game. That's awful. Now he won't be able to lose us the game against NO next week. It's okay though. They're coming with hiesman trophy player Mark Ingram so I'm sure our run defense will find away to make some mistakes to fill in in for Campbell. The right side of the line is completely confused all the time. More confused then Sons trying to figure out fantasy football. Jk Sons. We know you figured it out eventually. Just let the young guys play. Put last years class on the left side and this years on the right. Satele in the middle.

Recievers; What are we doing? Looking decent and running good routes. Making catches? If they keep this up Campbell supporters will run out of excuses on why he has yet to win a game without McFadden. I had to pause the screen to see if that was Bey making a play. Wow 3 nice grabs in 2 preseason games he sure is earning that rookie deal he got now.

In other news 2 people were shot outside of candlestick. It's sad. I can't remember the last time something violent happened after a California sporting event. Just a joke. Pray for them and their families. We might also need to pray for some blocking..

In reality though guys this is just preseason. We are without the 3 best players on the offense. Grad, Gallery, and Miller. Sike those were just our 3 players that played with heart. McFadden, ford, and Murphy are the most talented. Also where the heck is Mitchell? My favorite part about preseason is watching him lay wood on some poor helpless unprotected receiver.

Hmm night time I wonder what Kim Kardashian is doing right now? I'm sure their will be a video of it at some point. Wait she already has one?

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