Let me restore some sanity to those who are freaking out

(please read ENTIRE POST before posting! Because I dont want to argue about each paragraph! the early paragraphs are just an introduction that leads you into the last couple paragraphs!)


After last nights game, several questions about our team, and hue jackson started popping up. Im going to address all of this in a way, but just bear with me.


Two words: PRE-SEASON


Many believe that preseason is a prediction of whats to come in the regular season. I am one of those people. But many teams play with different style in the preseason. What most teams do in preseason, is evaluate who we have, and how they do in a game like situation.


For QBs (I think the coach is involved greatly as well), this can mean several things.Trying out different plays, throwing players against certain matchups to see how they do, get used to the OL (which will come in time, especially since we only had 2-3 weeks of camp after the lockout), throwing it into double coverage to see what the WR can do, running play action in a game like situation, and possibly many more.We can say that all of this can be done in camp, but the difference between camp and preseason, is because preseson SIMULATES a game like situation, and going up against different people.


Coach needs to see how his RB is in blocking, so he has him blocking in some plays. he wants to see how he runs left of the starting OL, as well as right. he needs to see if his RB can catch in the backfield, and have enough vision to gain yards. Have enough vision running as well. For catching, you may say that can be seen in camp. Again, preseason is different. I'll give you an example, Stevan Ridley on the pats could not catch the ball in camp. At least not very well. His first preseason game he caught 7 for over 40 yards with a TD reception. second game he caught 3 for 37 yards. In a game like situation, some players can get the hang of catching the ball better, and make plays. Some don't not everyone is the same.


Coaches would like to see how some of their OL are. Im sure thats what Hue was doing last game. I believe he was evaluating what he has, and maybe the game after that he'll put wiz at guard as well as bruce C. Some of you say "we know what he has! Barnes sucks! Are you saying he doesnt know about Barnes?" To which I say, "how some OL do with another OL is important to know. How they will do at RG, LG, how they will do with certain players on either side of them. Can they improve? Do they look improved"




I could go on about each position. But the overall point is, that pre-season is a time of player evaluation in game like situations. Vanilla playbooks are basic, and if a player cant do well in a basic playbook, than they are not ready to get higher on the depth chart yet. To me, instead of saying that the players sucks, I say that the player has a lot to work on, and improve. thats what preseason does, and the player will know why he is not starting. So hopefully that player improves.


We can see who is doing well and who is not. But thats the point. Evaluating who we have. Not to start the best guys first. This is a preseason game guys, weird plays, weird passes into double coverage, WRs running certain routes, a RBs vision, how a DB is in the slot, or #2 and #1 spot. how a DL does against double teams. What DL can pass rush well, or stop the run well, same with a LB. can this LB cover well? Matchups, different plays, different styles. This is what preseason is about. We are NOT supposed to treat this as a regular season game.


In conclusion, preseason games are important, but they DO NOT determine fully of a players skill, or how a team will do this year. Some players take more than 2 preseason games. Some players take 4. Some players take about 6 games into the season before they become better. Some take about 2+ years. All I know is, is that Hue knows all of these players much better than we do, and he does this because he puts them in certain situations, and analyzes them in preseason, and in camp. In hue I trust. In Jason I trust.


So lets not get too carried away on preseason games. Lets evaluate them. Like Hue does. Lets look at what they do, in different perspectives, because only then, can we truly know what we have. But know this, a single game does not fully determine a players set skill. That takes even more than 4 preseason games to fully determine.

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