What Happened...

I was dissapointed by the showing of our team in the 49ers game. I think its being blown way out of proportion. There is not one problem its not one persons fault, this is a team game. I found things to be happy and keep us confident

This is my opinion and this is the way i see it....


Other then that first drive. The starting offense played very well, the offense is being unfairly scrutinized as they only played 9:54 minutes in the first half.

The receivers have finally looked like they reached there potential and will no longer hold us back as they look to be a position of strength. Heyward-Bey made two nice catches as well as moore. Our TEs look to be a security blanket and no longer be the main options. 

Campbell was 5-7  74 yds 0 TD

Campbell played well, however he had his setbacks I'm talking about that goal line where he struggled and looked

uncomfortable and did not throw the ball to boss and that 4th down play, where he missed his opportunity on the

slant and then looked to run after the play broke down. Unfortunately, he did not finish the game as he was

hurt on a play in the 2nd QTR on a blitz that was not picked up very well and keep in mind that it was NOT Khalif

Barnes's fault as he did his job and got his man. I watched Khalif play the most half and i didnt see what someone

else wrote on his post that he did not finish his blocks, he quit on plays, hes lazy, well i didnt know what game he

watched. Barksdale (who split snaps with Barnes in first half) came in and was not impressive he

looked very average. There is no reason to throw him out in the fire, but take the much needed mental reps he

needs before we disrupt his progression. 




1st team looked good at times and lost in others. They struggled to get of the field, but It was not all there

fault as it was a combination of bad play calling and bad execution. The raiders blitzes were not hidden or well

executed and were read very easily and picked up. They used a few zone plays, something very new to them and

they were just not called or executed properly. 


The starting Defense' struggles have caused the fans to want to put blame on someone but it wasnt on the ONE player that everyone seems to blame. Changing Groves will not suddenly make this defense dominant. Now Groves has looked very pedestrian this preseason and last season but there is a reason he is starting and not goethel.  



This team needs fans to believe in them, and as much as I am dissapointed I am equally optimistic they will bounce back. I have not lost my faith in this team. We have to stand by whatever decision is made by the front office and not question, but back-up our team. 

Fans were calling for Huff and Routt to be released and today are now the one players we couldnt do without. And last year some were calling for bey to be let go and his future now looks bright.

There is a reason they choose to start groves and not goethel, and groves may have a chance to be good he just needs more mental reps which is why he plays most of game.

Now, fans are calling for Barnes to be switched out when he really isnt playing that bad. You may not have noticed but he and barksdale were sharing snaps with the first team but neither of them impressed which is why you did not notice. Barnes does struggle when run blocking but that is not enough of a reason to switch him out because he really is one of the better pass blockers.



I hope to see them have a more productive game next week on primetime Sunday Night Football, I hope to see

Jason having a really good game and for those two to have a good game so that they

prove you wrong and you wil lsee that they have talent. The defense needs more time to work together as they will become more confident the longer they play with one another


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