Terrelle Pryor analysis

Everyone knows my thoughts on pryor. let me just say that this will be a non biased analysis, and I am telling the truth on this.


Im going to watch pryors 2010 highlight video, and his video against arkansas. than i'll give my thoughts on him overall about accuracy, arm strength, pocket presence, etc. well... here it goes.



Terrelle Pryor - 2010 Highlights (via buckeyeboy321)


Terrele Pryor vs Arkansas (via JMPasq)


Accuracy: He has decent accuracy. Its not horrible, nor is it great. Just decent. When he throws it, I noticed his Wrs get open quite a bit, and have excellent hands and route running ability. anyways, what I saw out his accuracy, is that he makes safe throws. Occasionally, he'll throw into tight coverage, but mostly it seems either if no one is very open, or there is too much pressure. sometimes he'll roll out of the pocket so he can try to either make a play with his feet, or that a WR will go off his route to try and get pryor to throw to him (he should be wide open by then), and sometimes it works, and sometimes results in a sack or an incompletion.


throwing motion/release: His throwing motion is meh. He has okay release, but the throwing motion... it doesnt seem like he is throwing with his body, more than just his arm. He throws off of his feet more as well it seems (probably because he is, after all, used to using his legs often).


Awareness: He has okay awareness on the pass. Excellent running awareness though. thats what impressed me greatly. he knows where to run, and when (which is often though, because he likes running around it seems).


For the pass, i say he is okay because if I did get the impression that he think he HAS to run outside in order to make a play. This can mean that he didnt read a defense right, or that its great coverage. Regardless though, whenever he sees what he does not like, he runs out of the pocket to try and make a play on the pass, or simply run it, or makes a dangerous throw (running it may be unsuccessful to. half the time, watching the game against arkansas, he seems to want to throw it, so he chooses not to run, but try and throw it, resulting in an in-completion). Teams fear him running, so some leave their assignments, and pryor than usually gets the pass off to an open WR. Or pryor forces a throw, instead of throwing it away (especially when he is running, and has no where to go).



Pocket Presence: He has good-above average pocket presence. sometimes he looks to be flat footed, but when he senses pressure he runs around. Looking at him vs. Arkansas though, he does sense pressure very well, but if he cant see a running lane, he makes a dangerous throw.


Reading defense: He is okay at. he seems to have a set target at first, but if he is not open, he'll run around looking for someone else, or run it. He seems to like the run and dump concept, when he runs outside the pocket, and a defender leaves his coverage, and a WR coming toward pryor. So pryor dumps the ball to that WR because that defender left that space open.


Scrambling: Great at scrambling. Throwing on the run? its good.


Throw power: Its not bad by any stretch. Most of the throws seem to float when thrown deep.



Final Verdict: Pryor is raw prospect. he has arm strength, and running ability. We know this. Things he MUST work on to be more successful is reading defense, and making more accurate passes. This is attributes to his decision making. Pryor makes questionable passes when he is "backed into a corner (so to speak)" and when he just wants to throw the ball in the pocket (don't get me wrong. not every pass is bad. Its just that he has a lot to work on in terms of decision making and throwing in the pocket... accurately). he is good at throwing on the run, but not great. ALSO, I dont want him running around on every play (which I feel that he would want to do that). that can work a few times, but it wont work when he gets injured, or fumbles the football (he doesnt slide often) or when he is pressured to make a throw off of running. Defenses in this league are much smarter, and will figure him out. He MUST be versatile, and NOT one-dimensional.In order to do this, he must develop pocket passing.He is raw in almost every sense of the word.


IMO, I think we should sit him out over half the season, to a full year. let him develop his passing. I think that is the best route to take. I would like to see what he has, but I can't expect too much if he is thrown into the starting role this season.


Comparison: Tim Tebow. I KNOW I will get flamed for this so hear me out. tebow is a very good runner. not as good as pryor but very good. Both he AND pryor need to work on throwing more, especially in the pocket. I WILL say that pryor is much tougher, and a much better runner, but in terms of raw ability, both can be comparable to things the need to work on to be successful. So how about a TOUGHER version of Tim Tebow.


Pro Potential: Michael Vick. The only reason i chose vick is because vick has so far been able to make due with his good (not great) passing and great running ability. When pryor develops his passing, he will be a force like vick, maybe better because i think pryor is faster, and if he develops into a passer like vick, he should perform better, but I hope he develops into a much better passer than vick, which I think will take more than two years for pryor to be honest. When he does though, im sure he'll be the future QB we have been searching for.

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