Terrell Pryor Is No Jamarcus Russell


I guess given Al Davis’s philosophy on drafting the best athletes available at any given position, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the Oakland Raiders drafted Terrelle Pryor in the third round of the NFL Supplemental Draft yesterday.

At 6’ 5”, 230 lbs, and running a 4.36 40, he certainly fits the Raider stereotype.

What is surprising is that comparisons are being made to the last quarterback drafted by the Raiders to wear number two, JaMarcus Russell.

Whilst the two might wear the same number and play the same position, that is where the similarities end.

Firstly, Pryor is a vastly superior athlete, not only to Russell, but also to just about any other player on the field. Secondly, and equally as important, Pryor has an ultra competitive character and an excellent work ethic. Not something anyone ever said about Russell. So right now, let’s put those comparisons to bed as ill informed and just plain wrong.

The question of course, is what exactly is Hue Jackson going to do with Terrelle Pryor?

Pryor has indicated that he will play any position asked of him, but until told otherwise he is a quarterback. If I was Jackson, that is exactly what I would want to hear, Pryor believes that he can do the job.

In fairness to Pryor, I think he should be given the opportunity to compete at the quarterback position, albeit he will be a developmental project for Al & Hue. He certainly has the arm strength to make all the throws, but will need to improve his accuracy.

 But in these days of ever increasing specialisation, perhaps there is a spot for Pryor even in his rookie year as a situational quarterback in the red zone? Initially, things can be simplified for him closer to the goal line, and his threat to run the ball in to the end zone must be accounted for on every play.

Watching the film on him, it is rare that a defensive back brings him down, and he seems to brush them off with almost without trying. That Michael Vick type quality causes defensive coordinators nightmares, and is almost impossible to account for.

We could also see Oakland’s own version of the Wildcat offense with Pryor and Darren McFadden.

Other positions are being talked about such as tight end, wide receiver, and even a specialist pass rusher with the speed that Pryor could generate off the edge.  

But right now, Pryor is a quarterback.

How do I feel about the Raiders drafting Terrelle Pryor in the third round?

Actually quite excited.

Welcome to the Raider Nation my friend.

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