After camp 53 man roster projection

Now that camp is over I have spent some time going through the current roster and looking at what our 53 man roster might look like.  The delicate balance with 53 man rosters is that inevitably there you get to a position where you have to make decisions as tow whether you keep that extra skill position player the fans want on the roster or do you keep that extra LB or lineman for depth.  Luckily for us from looking at it I think pretty much all of our favourites will make the roster but as we all know we still lack some depth on some areas like LB and S.  Luckily for us it seems that we have some versatile players that may be able to cover these spots which i will go in to further later.....


Here goes (this is not a depth chart):

QB: J.Campbell, K.Boller, T.Edwards (T.Pryor - week 6) (3)

RB: Darren McFadden, Michael Bush, Taiwan Jones, Rock Cartwright (4)

FB: Marcel Reece (1)

WR: Jacoby Ford, Darrius Heyward Bey, Denarius Moore, Louis Murphy, Chaz Schillens, D.Hagan (6)

TE: Kevin Boss, David Ausberry, Brandon Myers (3)

OL: J. Barksdale, K.Barnes, B.Campbell, C.Carlisle, S.Heyer, D.Loper, S.Satele, J.Veldheer, S.Wisniewski (9)

DL: D.Bryant, J.Henderson, L.Houston, T.Kelly, J.Moss, T.Scott, R.Seymour, M.Shaughnessy (8)

LB: Q.Goves, R.McClain, S.Williams, K.Wimbley, D.Blackstock (5)

CB: C.Chekwa, C.Johnson, L.Sheppard, DVD, J.Ware, S.Routt, S.Moore/W.McFadden (7)

S: S.Brown, T.Branch, M.Huff, M.Mitchell  (4)

ST: J.Condo, S.Janikowski, S.Lechler (3)

FINAL CUTS: R.Gordon, B.Davis, M.Giordano, J.Bullocks, M.Tonga, T.Hill, N.Miller, W.McFadden/S.Moore, J.Boyd

IR: H.Eugene, T.Goethal

Well there it is, I am pretty confident that this will be close to the exact positional breakdown the two players I found it hardest to cut were R.Gordon, T.Hill and N.Miller who I have been very impressed with. In regards to Gordon I think he has a slight chance to beat out Myers but in the end i think Myers will wn out due to experience and I am hoping Hill and Gordon make it through waivers to the practice roster.  The two positions I see us as thinest in are LB and Safety but keep in mind Mitchell will spend time at LB and it looks like Chekwa can be at least an emergency safety, if we sign another LB obviously Blackstock would not make the roster.  When TP comes in we will have to cut Boller or Edwards but a lot of water to go under the bridge before we need to make that call.

So basically the only real position battle is Moore vs McFadden which while Moore has been getting all the wraps it has been hard to judge as McFadden has been going against starters in games whereas Moore has been going against backups, I have a feeling they will keep McFadden and try and slip Moore through to the practice squad a la Stevie Brown last year (also keep in mind last year Mitch had a bad camp and many were pissed that he stayed on the roster instead of Stevie).

Pretty happy that it looks like we will be able to fit in most of 'our' guys and I think we have some good depth across the board especially on the lines.  

Pretty sure I havent missed anyone now - comment away :)

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