Your 2011 Oakland Raiders, by Unit, by Player

This analysis is deliberately posted BEFORE the Saints game tonight, hoping that some of our starting 22 will prove me wrong. Understand that I bleed Silver and Black and have been a Raider season ticket holder since they returned from the Lost Land. With the QB, OL, LB and DB positions so terrible, the 2011 Oakland Raiders will be fortunate to win 6 games. The season (and thus the disappointment) will be over very early, as 2011 Oakland Raiders open 0-4.

The Raiders will go into Denver overconfident and will get their butts kicked. This team is terrible on the road, horrible in season openers (having lost 8 straight opening day games) and is not good enough to take lesser teams lightly.

The disappointment of the opening day loss will carry over to Buffalo, where the Raiders will drop their second road game to the worst team in the NFL. Why? Because they are terrible on the road, are not good enough to take lesser teams lightly and cannot stop the run or the pass.


After a horrific start against two of the worst teams in the NFL, the 2011 Raiders have absolutely no chance at home against the Jets and Patriots. With an 0-4 start, the rest of the season is irrelevant – unless by some miracle the 2011 Oakland Raiders finish with the worst overall record and win the Andrew Luck lottery.


Fasten your seatbelts Oakland Raider fans – you are about to wish the lockout never ended. For those of you with no imagination – and you know who you are – TET2 means “Too Early To Tell,” get it?   


1-Awful            2-TET2 (Bad)               3-TET2 (Good)            4-Good            5-All Pro




QB       Overall:  1-Awful


            1:         J. “Back Foot” Campbell

            1:         K. Boller

            2:         T. Edwards

            3:         T. Pryor


            JC cannot read defenses.

            JC holds the ball too long, waits for receivers to get open.

            JC throws off his back foot, sails the ball.

            JC cannot throw an accurate long ball.

            JC will not fix his fundamentals – and you cannot coach “smart”.

            Pryor has the potential to be a superstar.


RB       Overall:  4-Good


            5:         McFadden

            4:         M. Bush

            3:         T. Jones


            Jones has the potential to be a superstar.                                  


REC     Overall: 4-Good


            4.         D. Heyward-Bey

            4.         J. Ford

            4.         L. Murphy

            4.         D. Moore


            Moore has the potential to be a superstar.

            There is nothing wrong with the receiver corps – the QB is our problem.

            Stop blaming DHB (unless he flat out drops the ball).

JC doesn’t understand what it means to be open in the NFL.


TE        Overall: 4-Good


4.                  K. Boss

3.         D. Ausberry


OL       Overall: 1-Awful (Current)




            4.         J. Veldheer (LT)

            3.         S. Wisniewski (LG)

            1.         S. Satele (C)

            1.         C. Carlisle (RG)

            1.         K. Barnes (RT)




4.                  J. Veldheer (LT)

3.         S. Heyer (LG)

3.         S. Wisniewski (C)

3.         B. Campbell (RG)

3.         J. Barksdale (RT)


The current offensive line is a comedy routine. With our less than quick thinking QB, the result will be unmitigated disaster.

The “future” offensive line has the potential to be outstanding.

If Heyer can’t play guard, Wiz may end up at left guard for foreseeable future.




DL       Overall: 5-All Pro


5.                  L. Houston

4.         T. Kelly

5.         R. Seymour

5.         M. Shaughnessy


Wake up Raider Nation. If we cannot stop the run with this front four, it’s time you understand why: Our LBs suck and our DBs suck. It’s that simple.



LB       Overall: 1-Awful


            1.         Q. Groves

            1.         R. McClain

            1.         K. Wimbley


McClain is too slow in every way that counts. His reads are too slow, he consistently fills the wrong gap and he cannot avoid offensive linemen, much less second tier running backs. McClain is a bust, just like K. Morrison was a bust and for exactly the same reasons. You cannot coach smart and the Raiders will never stop the run with this MLB.


I know, I know. Most of you think Death Ro is the least of our problems. But keep in mind that I called out Morrison a year before he was traded, and he was one of the last FA’s in the league to get picked up this year. Pay just a little attention to how McClain plays in actual games and you will soon understand. I WANT to be wrong about this guy, but I am NOT optimistic.


Corner Overall: 1-Awful (Current)       




            4.         S. Routt

            1.         C. Johnson




4.                  S. Routt

4.         D. Van Dyke


Johnson is an unimaginable downgrade.

Van Dyke has the potential to be a superstar. He has the best rookie skills at corner since Woodson – and yes that includes our recently departed All Pro.


Safety   Overall: 1-Awful


            4.         M. Huff

            1.         T. Branch


Why Mitchell cannot crack the starting lineup at SS is a complete mystery. The Raiders need safeties who can put fear into opposing receivers, hit people hard and provide run support. Huff is serviceable at FS, but Branch is a joke. The Raider coaches rave about Branch, but the Raider Nation knows better. It cannot be repeated often enough: if this team cannot stop the run, it’s time we understand why.


Special Teams


PK       Overall: 5


Punter  Overall: 5


ST        Overall: 3

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