It,s Not How Much money you Spend , Its's How You Spend Your Money

  I took a beating this summer for my predictions , but once it was apparent we would play under a new CBA rather 2010 rules we were in for a rough ride . I have no problem with the money we spent before the lockout , but you sign Seymour , Miller , and Asomagua , and fill the gaps with the money you got left , not Eugene , Bennet  etc. then try to figure out the rest . The short term deals are detrimental to our cap .  Seymour was our priority and I am thrilled to have him back , but with 30mil guaranteed over the next two years added to the 14 mil from last year , we should have a four or five year deal . 40+ mil guaranteed is enough to sign a long term deal which spreads that garunteed money over five years , gives you cap room , and keeps Seymour at home where he belongs for the long term. 

 It was apparently not all about money with Asomagua , so I have no problem with the decision to keep Routt , but that said his market value is closer to 8 mil than 11.5 , doesn't sound like a big deal but if we were to make a serious play to keep Miller that 3.5 mil gets you half way there , and spreading it out over 5 years saves you a little more . 

  To loose  Miller , Gallery , Asomagua , and still be 14 - 17 mil over cap displays the toll short term deals are taking on our cap . That said over the last week whether by choice or not our front office has backed away from spending over market value for players at least three times giving me hope that we are headed in the right direction .

  There are a couple cap friendly moves that could help us fill the holes left behind though . Asante Samuel has a cap number around 5-6 mil feels disrespected and is on the trade block . That is a big move for a player we can afford , and helps fill the void left behind by Asomagua .

  With the loss of Miller we are in desperate need of another receiver . Cothchery has a cap number of 4mil and is available for  almost nothing .

  There really is no answer for the loss of Miller . Oakland failed to address the potential loss of Miller and there is no depth at that position , but I am hopeful Ausberry will be able to step up and help fill that void , though without mini camps he may be at a disadvantage to recognize and pick up blitzes .

  Heyer and Smiley are nice additions to the line , though I know  not everyone is thrilled . Smiley has something Gallery didn't , the ability to pull . Though he never really got to show it in Jacksonville he is one of the better pulling gaurds in the league , a definite upgrade to Loper , and gives Oakland a veteran presence between a rookie C and a young LT . Heyer though not the big splash Gaither would have made at RT will give Barksdale some competition and may be a pleasant surprise .

   Though were facing another round of cuts , the worst is over , and I believe our new coach will have us ready to play . I still expect big things this season , but we will have to count on a group of very young receivers to step up if  were  to go where we need to go.

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