Many Free Agents Available Even Before First Cuts

           So the first cuts are just around the corner in the NFL and some have already started. Who, oh who, will we be targeting? The thing I worry about is if we are not targeting anybody. There are too many holes and not enough depth to go into the season with the players we have. We need to be going through the first cuts list with a fine tooth comb. There already are some very good players that have been cut or are yet to be signed though. That kind of worries me more than it excites me. There are good players available but we seem to not have shown interest in many of them. Here are some people that are already free agents that might be worth looking at before the first cuts tomorrow.

      First on my list of free agents that are already out there is Andre Gurode. Brhynno will probably agree! I know OLB is the far more pressing need, but I think Gurode is the best player available. He has been to 5 probowls as a center and was only cut because he wouldn't take a reduced salary to remain with the Cowboys. That doesn't mean he will be too expensive, it just means he wasn't willing to cut down what he already had signed for. Now that he is a free agent he will have to take the best available deal, but before he became a FA the best available deal was the one he was already signed to. He would be an immediate improvement and if he didn't win a starting spot he would be the number one back up at either guard spot and center. I do not like having to move starting lineman around when an injury happens and this would make it so we did not do that.

 There are a whole lot of other offensive lineman available and most of them are Tackles which I love for their versatility as well. I used FA tracker and I know that I saw a few people on there that had signed already that were listed as available. Here is the list that I compiled but please forgive me if somebody has already signed elsewhere: Shawn Andrews T, Andre Smith T, Jon Stinchcomb T, Nick Kazcur T, Max Starks T, Damien Woody T, Leonard Davis G.

      Now to the linebackers that I saw available. We might have to wait for the first cuts to happen to find the one that really fits for us. Maybe even a trade is the way to go, as has been recently mentioned in some of the other posts' comment sections *Cough cough Lance Briggs Cough cough*.  A lower level guy that is versatile and would come cheap is Spencer Havner. He is a decent LB and a decent TE that was just cut from Green Bay. He has the heart of Rudy but with some natural talent and athleticism that Rudy lacked. He would not be a horrible person to consider adding and would definitely be well within our price range. 

        A veteran that is available is Keith Bulluck. He is not the player he once was, but the player that he once was might have been one of the top 3 LBs in the whole league for a good decade. He has definitely slowed down but for football intelligence and leadership we couldn't find a better player at a cheaper cost. He is going to play somewhere and he is going to be decent. We need a Veteran in our LB core, and he just might be the guy to look at. 

Other LBs available: Jaime Winborn, Diyral Briggs (young LB cut by GB that could be good), Tully Banta-Cain (we have a noticeable lack of crazy haired defensive players and he would be an immediate improvement in that department), Kevin Bentley, Akin Ayodele, and of course Lofa Tatupu among others. Channing Crowder would be a real coup to land but he wants to spend the year with his new born child and would take a lot of money to convince otherwise.

        At Safety there are some serious options available. James Sanders has already been mentioned and after watching the Youtube video in the post by WNYRaider I would be just fine with adding him. The veteran I would really love to add though is Darren Sharper. He has lost a step just like Bulluck but every time a team tells him that and lets him leave he shows them otherwise. I see no downside in adding Sharper what-so-ever. He might cost a pretty penny but I think he would be worth every one of them. Josh Bullocks does nothing for me, and even though I like Matt Giordano I want a real veteran to come in and play.

Other Safeties available: Ken Hamlin, Roy Williams

      For Corner I am excited to see what Lito brings to the table in our last preseason game. He has a chip on his shoulder and I want to see what he has left in his possibly washed up body. I love that I heard he missed an INT and did push ups for it on his first day with the team. That is great leadership but I'd rather that he had caught  the ball!

      There are other options worth looking at for CB but I doubt we bring anybody else in. Kelvin Hayden is still available, which I think means he is still asking for too much money. He is a really decent corner that would be a good addition, but if we were going to add him I think he would have been brought in instead of Lito. The young corner that is available that I would like to bring in though is Tye Hill. He is a 4th year player who was with the Lions. He has caught my eye a number of times when watching the Lions Defense last year and I think he would be an interesting addition. Like I said though, if there was one position I am pretty sure that we will not bring anybody else in for it is CB.The only other current free agent corner that I would be willing to look at is Roderick Hood.

     I didn't really look into the DL free agents because I feel really good about what we have. The only D-lineman I will mention that I noticed is Tank Johnson at DT. He really matured in his time in Cincinnati, which is kind of a miracle, although he still has a huge mouth. I would be willing to take a look at him, even if it is strictly because of his brute strength. He might have already resigned with Cinci anyway though. I do not trust FA tracker as far as I can throw it, and since it is a web site and not something that can be physically lifted and thrown, that is not at all! Let me know if you have any players you think should be added. I am a glutton for knowledge, so learns me something new!

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