A Kevin Boss Scouting Report

*Site Note: I think we all know the best place for a scouting report is from the fans of the players' team. And BigBlueIntervention was kind enough to do just that.

Greetings Raider Nation,

As a Giants fan, just wanted to say congratulations on your two newest acquisitions, Kevin Boss and Derek Hagan. Just wanted to give you a Giants fan's perspective on the Bossman.

Kevin Boss

Strengths: Probably Boss' greatest strength goes quite unheralded. He is an awesome, and by awesome, I mean one of the top in the league, as a lead blocker. He will zoom downfield and just is ferocious on bubble screens and stretch plays. Look for Darren McFadden and Michael Bush to have some big runs going Kevin's way.

The Giants never really featured their TEs in any routes, and, as a matter of fact, Boss in 2010 blocked 54% of the time, which is one of the highest rates in the NFL. You can rest assured that he can block with the best of 'em and should already be well acquainted with any and all blocking schemes.

Another strength of Boss' is his route running. He's extremely crisp for a TE and won't get lazy. That's helped Eli out a ton in a pinch. He's definitely going to be where Campbell will expect him to be.

Bravery. This dude ain't afraid of anything. He'll go across the middle like...dare I say it...a Boss. He'll throw his body on the line to help the team win, and that's something I hugely respect about him.

Finally, his size. The guy is 6'7 and has strong body control. He'll out physical most cornerbacks and outrun most linebackers. He has trouble going up against safeties though.


Weaknesses: You guys are getting a pretty big downgrade in the pass catching department, from Miller to Boss. He's fearless, and a good route runner, yeah, but holy hell is he inconsistent. He'll make the most ridiculous catch one minute, then drop several easy passes after that.

ProFootballFocus rated him as having the worst hands of any TE out there, and I'd agree with them. He's had a case of the dropsies last year. I DO think it was an anomaly, however. So while he'll never be Miller, still figure he'll be a large part of the Oakland offense.

Also, how much does he have left? What concerns me the most about Boss is the level of punishment he takes. Trust me when I tell you that I'm surprised he hasn't had more concussions than what he's had because it seemed like every week he took one monstrous hit after another. To be really honest, it always felt like he'd be one big hit away from retirement. Campbell should do everything in his power not to lead Boss into traffic, otherwise it might be curtains...

Finally, the dude is slow. Not turtle slow, but he's about average. Not really a weakness as it is a pet peeve, but he was really really underused in the redzone. I mean, when he was targeted, he got the TD....but he just didn't seem to get great separation, and that's definitely something he needs to work on.


Final Word: Damn, I'm going to miss Boss. I'll be really honest with you guys, and say he was overpaid though. I'd probably valuate him as a 4 year, $11.5 million guy, and I think that's about as high as the Giants were willing to go. Regardless, he's a tough SOB and will go all out to make plays for you guys. You got one HELL of a player. If he can fix his drops, he'll be slated for big things in the future.


P.S. Please do your goddamn best to beat the Chargers. Eli Manning and the Giants hate A.J. Smith.



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