Back again for the first time!!

So very nice to be back.

I sat down to type something last year when my monitor on the ancient dinosaur of a computer I was using suddenly went dark. Smoke rose from the vents, and this Raider diehard was soon mimicking the monitor, save the fact that it was red that I saw.

Breathe, man. Breathe, dog.

A person such as myself doesn't spend money unless absolutely necessary. So after a few weeks I found a monitor. Something that was as old as the fossil that I relied on. But it worked. And I don't need fancy. I need functional. So finally, after such time had passed, I could at least join in the rancor about the draft.

Then Lucy yanked the football away, and down went Charlie.

The dinosaur finally chose extinction over being humiliated at how far behind the times it was. The utterly powerful 893mhz (yes, that is correct) went down in flames. Not as literally as the monitor. It just decided that being on wasn't its thing. And lacking a smartphone (my phone is dumb. Literally. The other night it was kind enough to dial 911.) I had no access to the "internets," as they say.

I enjoyed my stint untethered to the web. Did some fishing, worked hard, got caught up on some much needed housework, etc., etc. It was quite liberating. I highly recommend trying it. During the offseason, of course.

And now thanks to a loving girlfriend (also recommended) and the wonderful world of financial luck, I am able to give my uninfomed, highly Raider-biased opinions with the rest of you all.

I've missed out on a lot so, Cliff's Notes version of my opinions on offseason moves.

1. Cable gone/Jackson in: Saw this one coming. Hip hip hooray? Probably lost it just on that.

2. Nnamdi gone: Sad to see him go. Hoping that Raiders don't become a Rays/A's team that grows guys and watches them go elsewhere to win.

3. Draft class: Seymour was the 1st round pick, in essence. Win that one. Like Wisniewski and the WR's. After watching DVD, am very leery. He needs to improve rapidly.

4. The Pryor Pick: Do not like it. At all.

5. Season prediction: 9-7 wild card. Anything less is failure.

Guys who need to take it up to the next level:

DHB-If he doesn't break through this year, he never will. 80 catches or a thousand yards. Either would make me happy.

Routt/CJ-With Nnamdi gone, we will be tested. Both guys will have chances to get picks. One may emerge as the shutdown guy.

QG-Currently the weak link in the LB chain. Death Ro is going to be the man for a long time, Wimbley was a nice surprise last year. Groves was the only guy who was not up to snuff.

So far I haven't discovered my Erik Pears this year, the guy who I want to go NOW, preferably yesterday. Mr. Glass, aka Chaz Schilens, may slot in here due to the fact that if a flea farts, he's out 6 weeks. DVD is getting a pass right now because all I've seen is preseason and he's a rookie.

Enjoy shredding this. I will.

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