Greetings from Buffalo

Hello Raiders fans.  I want it to be known that I am NOT here to trash talk.  I am not here to put down your team, nor to start crap.  As fans, we are all the same.  We love our team, no matter how bad they are or how crazy our owners might be.  So, I believe in the live and let live motto.  I hope u can do the same with me.  

So, what is new with the bills u ask?  What do u have to be concerned with?  Well, lots of little things, which may or may not happen.  This is the sort of game where both fan bases feel they can win this game.  And for good reason, both teams have strengths and weaknesses and the variables of any game could affect the outcome and the way the team has to deal.  

    I know the Raiders had a decent season last year with a great divisional record (6-0), but not great results otherwise.  You won a hard game in Denver.  You deserved to win, however, the rain played a huge factor in that decision.  You guys were up and the rain was so bad that it made passing almost impossible, which played into your hands.  That's the way it goes sometimes.  I can't believe that on that pass play that instead of throwing for a TD, Orton fumbled and u recovered.  That could have changed the momentum of the game, forcing Campbell to pass.  In any event, your DL was amazing and scary to look at.  Your OL impressed me by having some success with Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil.  I thought they'd be insanely hard to play against.  But, kudos to your OL.  Your running game was amazing.  

So, onto week 2.  What is new about the bills.  Lots actually, especially on defense.  Gone is the weak injury prone unit that we played last year.  Last year, we had over 20 guys in IR by midseason and still played some teams very hard, including KC, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Chicago and had chances to win last year.  Third pick overall Dareus is a beast.  With Williams and Edwards they make up a great DL front for a 3 man unit.  Our LB's are much better this year with Barnett, merriman, davis and holdover Kelsey.  Kelsey is a bit of a whipping boy, but, he kept contain last week and seems to finally understand his role in the D.  Our secondary is good, tho, with McGee out, McKelvin and Florence will have to step up.  Williams, another rookie (second round) and Corner are nickel and dime backs.  Soon to be all pro Byrd was amazing last week with George Wilson, third safety Scott may have been the best player off the bench.  Health wise, the team, as of today, is still pretty healthy with only backups on IR and only starter Mcgee out for this game.  So, u won't be facing a short manned team.  

will Boss play for u guys?  that  will be a huge factor.  

On offense, much has been made about the bills bad OL.  Let me tell u, it is not great, but, it did handle the chiefs front 7 handily last week.  In the first half, when the game was still within reach (20-7 halftime lead), they were incredible.  Pears did give up one sack to Hali, one of the best rush LB's in the game today.  I am not gonna say this is elite, but, it also is not crap.  I think if the game is close and your DL has to play them honestly, it will not be as one sided as you think.  If it was in Oakland, I might feel differently, but, in buffalo, they will have the advantage of the crowd.  You can't underestimate crowd, and unlike Denver, they won't turn on the team as fast as they did.  You probably think they have 2 playmakers, Stevie Johnson and Fred Jackson.  And you'd be dead wrong.  The worse WR we have (hands wise) is roscoe Parrish, who can turn a short gain into a 50 yard TD in one play.  Nelson, Jones and Martin are all capable WR's with speed and very good hands, so, don't expect a lot of dropped passes.  In addition, TE Chandler may give buffalo something it hasn't had in years, a TE to catch and block without substitutions.  He could be a great weapon on third down and red zone.  In addition, Brad Smith last week was an automatic first down on third.  If u overload the LOS, watch out for a pass.  He is a hard matchup.  Perhaps the wildcard is Spiller, the HB who could one day be our McFadden (hey, he did start slow, right?), at least that is my hope.  

the variables are special teams.  Both of us have great ones, our punters are equal and both can flip the field in one booming punt.  So, what will this game really boil down to?

1.  turnovers.  As last week showed us, whoever wins the turnover battle usually wins the game in closely contested matches.  This is a very close match, so, I suspect it will be the same.  Turnovers will play a huge role.

2.  penalties.  Last week, you guys committed a LOT of them.  If u do that this week, on the road, against a team not handicap by the weather, it could come back to bite u.  Giving fitz extra chances to make a play could be dangerous.

3.  Short week, long travel.  It may or may not make a difference this early in the season.  Usually when 2 teams are almost even, things like fatigue later in the game can make all the difference between a 5 yard play and a 50 yard TD.  One missed tackle, one slowed reaction and it could be off to the races.  So, even if u are up early, as I suspect u will be, the second half could be very hard for them to keep that edge.  

It will be a fun game with 2 upcoming teams.  I can't wait.  If u notice, I didn't post a winner b/c I don't see a reason to get 500 hate messages telling me I am wrong.  THis is supposed to be fun and I hope this can be a fun post for us to discuss our teams.  Picking on players or owners is fine, but, please use common sense.  Picking on Easley is in bad taste as his career may be over.  I, for one, do not EVER, EVER ,EVER want to see another Kevin Everett happen on the field.  To watch a young man struggle for their life was horrid and this is a game.  At least, Easley won't have to worry about that as he finds out about his heart condition.  So, lets chat!!

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