Can the Raiders get off Revis Island and beat the Jets?

     With an unexpected and heartbreaking loss to the Bills on Sunday, the Raiders now set their sights on Rex Ryan and the Jets. I won't bother diagnosing the loss to Buffalo (I think everyone has done that already) but I would like to point out some obvious areas of concern that not many of us should be aware of. To quote myself in a pre-Buffalo game post,

...our O-line will get a good test (especially Samson Satelle, Cooper Carlisle and Khalif Barnes). FYI: After reviewing the Bills/Chiefs game, Marcel Dareus was blowing RG- Jon Asamoah off the line in run plays. Unless Hue Jackson plays Bruce Campbell at that position today, don't expect Cooper Carlisle to do any better. However, if we employ more of a zone blocking scheme when running to the right, that style of play will work better for us up front as Carlisle and Barnes are not power blocking O-linemen

Unfortunately I was correct. Check out what Carl Cockerham of Bleacher Report had to say,

McFadden had a good first half running off tackle and outside, particularly to the left, but got nowhere in the second half. The Raiders especially couldn't run the ball inside because Samson Satelle, Cooper Carlisle and Khalif Barnes struggled. Barnes was manhandled by rookie Marcel Dareus at times.

     Now we face #2 of the 8 teams on our schedule who use a 3-4 defense and this is a much better defensive team than Buffalo. So how will we be effective in the ground game? We can't keep running to the left. How will we get the passing game going? Our 3 starting WR's are still iffy. And regardless of who plays, I don't think we have anyone who can beat Darelle Revis. That dude is so aggressive. He covers well. He tackles well. He plays the ball. Personally I think we should change up the WR line up and put a decoy as the #1WR and then put our best WR matched up against Cromartie. 3 wide set, use #1DHB, #2 Denarius Moore and #3 Derek Hagan or Jacoby Ford (if he can play).

It pisses me off as a Raider fan that I knew (and called it I might add) that Buffalo was going to attack our secondary with short passes just like the Bronco's did and we did nothing to prevent it.

The Bills like to throw the short slants, ins and outs (which made us look bad against Denver) so we will have to do better in that department today. Our defense will use more of the Nickel and Dime today than last week so I hope they are up to the task.

So what do you think the Jets are gonna do? My saving grace here is that I believe Ryan Fitzpatrick is a better QB than Mark Sanchez. Hopefully we can pick him off a few times and get points off of them and hopefully the Jets O-Line is not as good as the Bills. We have gotta get pressure on that over-hyped "Broadway Joe" wanna be.

I said in my last post that winning in Buffalo was a must. Not only because of the obvious reasons but also because our next 3 games are against better teams and it is possible that we could go on a 4 game losing streak (starting with the Bills). The recent loss and the upcoming schedule makes beating the Jets at home a NECESSITY.

What I would like to see in this game from our defense is PRESSURE, PRESSURE, PRESSURE; Zone Blitzes, short zone coverages and Stanford Routt blanketing Plaxico Burress. Chris Johnson has to man up and limit Santonio Holmes' impact.

What I want to see from the offense is high octane, explosiveness and going for the jugular every chance we get. I want to see Taiwan Jones & Denarius Moore on the field more. I want Darren McFadden to prove that he can rush for over 100 yards on this defense.  I want to see Bruce Campbell starting at RG or better yet, why don't we shift Khalif Barnes from RT to RG. He's 30 pounds heavier than Carlisle, 5 years younger and he's too slow to play on the outside. Then we put either Barksdale or Campbell in at RT.  That sounds a lot better to me.Maybe when Stephon Heyor is healthy we use him as a stop-gap LG and shift Wisniewski to Center. But what do I know. I'm just a fan and a arm-chair coach/gm. lol.

Lets get it together Raiders! Be 2-1 after the Jets game. Show'em we ain't havin' this sh@t!

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