Simple Solution - Fire Chuck Bresnahan


What I find interesting is that most people on this blog are complaining about Nick Miller, Penalties and the Defense. The problem is not that complicated. The problem is Chuck Bresnahan - period! Even Nnamdi couldn't compensate for the ineptness of good old Chuck. This is the problem with the Raiders (been a fan for 39 years); they always have something or someone holding them back. They do something right - hire Hue Jackson - and then they do something completely wrong and hire Bresnahan. They can't get out of their own way. Let's face it, Chuck is not a winner. He may be a good detailed guy in practice meetings, but he can't fight his way out of a paper bag when he needs to.

Out of all the coaches the raiders have had throughout the years I can't remember disliking one more than Chuck. I can remember constantly yelling at the TV between the years 2000-2003 that horrible name "Bresnahan." "There goes Bresnahan again - playing Prevent Defense when he should be attacking." "Once again, Bresnahan looks confused." On and On....

When I heard that Chuck was going to be hired – again - I was "horrified." I felt the need to tell someone my pain, so I called my girlfriend (she rarely watches the game with me and doesn’t know any of the coaches names except one) and she said, "Oh no, Chuck Bresnahan? That horrible name from the past! You use to scream at the TV all kinds of obscenities with his name attached." She could care less about the raiders and yet she remembers his name from 8 years ago.

The point is, this guy was horrible 8 years ago and based on the preseason and the Bills game he hasn’t changed – he’s still horrible. Some might think the preseason is worthless and doesn’t tell you anything. I disagree. The preseason will tell you how good your leaders are because you have young players that have limited knowledge of the playbook and are totally reliant on the coach to organize them.  Did the Raiders D look organized in preseason? If you watched the preseason the answer is obvious - NO.

BTW: How many times did the Bills punt in the second half? Zero, in fact, I believe they actually scored on every possession – that’s tough to do in practice when the defense is complicit.
I was hoping that surrounding Chuck with good coaches would changes things, but the fact is he is still calling the plays and until we get someone else calling the plays and leading the D we will not be very good in the defense department. It might be crazy, but I’d take the inexperience of Rod Woodson as the Defensive Coordinator than Chuck - right now!  

Finally, for those of you that are interested in how well Bresnahan did with the Raiders in his previous stint, here are some stats. Between 2000 and 2003, the Raiders defense was ranked 17, 18, 11, and 30th respectively. We had quite a few studs those years on D and the best he could do was 11th? That’s an average ranked defense of 19 out of 32 teams while Bresnahan was defensive cordinator between 2000 - 2003. So why is this guy back?

Thanks for listening to the long bitch session. It’s been building for a decade. BTW: I don’t hate Bresnahan, I just want him off the team. Please Al and Hue - save the season - get rid of Chuck once and for all.  

Raiders forever!


BTW: I saw this facebook page from a Cincinnati Bengals Fan - titled "Fire Chuck Bresnahan". Apparently they didn't like Chuck either:


Here is a quote from the creator of the page, "As a proud Cincinnati bengals fan i think it is only fair that we start a petition to fire defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan. He has made us suffer for several years now with horrendous defensive schemes. I think that i could come up with a better defense than Chuck."

So why did we hire this guy again? 

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