89 Miller Not Getting Cut is Just What Raiders Need + Offensive Projections

Now, Nick Miller is not a reliable WR and is not a big play threat when it comes to the return game, so how is he just what the Raiders need? The Raiders retaining him clearly points to more playing time for Denarius Moore. During the beginning of training camp and the preseason there was a lot of talk that D Moore was going to take over for Miller returning punts and this meant that Miller was on his way out. The fact that Miller stays tells me that they don't want to risk injury to D Moore on PR's; thus making it clear they want him on the field making plays for our offense. Assuming that DHB's performance stays consistent with what it has been, I see D Moore taking quite a few reps from him this season (and hopefully taking his spot next season). 

Lineup @ WR by end of season will be:

Ford becomes #1 (Steve Smith of the Raiders)

Schilines + Murphy split reps #2

D Moore becomes solid #3, but will also see reps as a starter in at least 2 games and push Schilines and Murphy for their spot

Hagan Will take the #4 

DHB Will be benched and by next season will have to either restructure and take a lot less $ or he will get cut. 

Offensive Projection's:

Passing:The 2012 Raiders are going to be a legit Passing threat depending less on check down passing and more on WR's

Jason Campbell - Has his best season 267/390 (68%)  3,600 yards 23 TD's 15 INT's (+ 1 Rush TD) 


Denarius Moore - 30 receptions  450+ yards and 3 TD's

Darius Heyward-bay - 15 receptions 200 yards 0 TD (Loses spot to D Moore after Game 3)

#12 on the Roster but #1 In our hearts Jocoby "Gimme my Ball" Ford 60 receptions 1,000+ yards 5 TD's (10 Total TD- 3 rush, 2 return) - Yes, Ford will be the first Raider to reach 1000 yards recieving since Moss did it in 2005! Look for a high YAC% 

Louis Murphy - 40 receptions 450 yards 3 TD's

Chaz "Ouch my Leg" Schilines - Stays healthy and records 45 receptions 450 yards 3 TD's

Derek Hagan - Not much playing time until DHB is gone 12 receptions 150 yards 1 TD

Kevin Boss, David Ausberry, Richard Gordon (Brandon Meyers if they keep 4 TE) combine 30 receptions 300 yards 5 TD (All but 1 in redzone- Ausberry gets his one TD on a big play) I have a 75% of receptions coming on 3rd down or in redzone.

Marcel Reece - Due to better performance by WR's Reece is going to be less of a factor- 15 receptions 200 yards 2 TD's

Bush, McFadden, Jones - 20 combined 400 yards 2 TD


Darren "Mama there go that man again" McFadden - 275 carries 1,500 yards (5.45 yd average) 9TD's 

Michael "The Bulldozer" Bush - 160 carries 700 (4.4 yd average) yards 8 TD's 

Taiwan "The Flash" Jones - 75 Carries (6 yd average) 450 yards 3 TD's

Jacoby Ford - 10 carries 150 yards 3 TD's 

Marcel Reece - With how deep the backfield is Reece will be even less of a factor in the run game then he was last year making his contribution negligible.

Raider's Run Game - 520 carries 2,800 yards 23 TD's # 1 Run Game in the NFL averaging 175 yards a game


What do you think? Are my #s off? What do you think the offense production is going to look like? 

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